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Blonde Vision was born out of a love for writing about things I love and want to share, and connecting with like-minded people.

I'm not a 'stereotypical blogger'. My posts are not planned months in advance, I don't spend hours taking photos. I blog because I want to, and because I have things to say, whether anyone reads them or not - because this is my space.

What started out as a beauty blog has now turned lifestyle, focusing on a massive range of topics including travel, fashion, food, baking, fitness and most recently weddings and puppies with a couple of random day to day posts about my life thrown in for good measure. I am always wholeheartedly honest, and would never recommend anything I didn't truly love myself or work with any brands I wouldn't spend my own money on. 

Whilst blogging is a newer love, my heart (and 'real job') lies in the events industry so I am often jetting off across the world which means lots more content for this website. I may not get as much time to blog now as I used to, but it's still a massive part of my life and I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I've enjoyed creating it! Please don't hesitate to get in touch to find out how we can work together. 

Love Lauren xx


For any Blonde Vision related opportunities, or freelance events/social media management or blogger outreach queries please email me at:

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I look forward to hearing from you and working with you in the near future. 

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