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Friday, 9 March 2018

Tips for buying bridal shoes

After receiving some absolutely gorgeous wedding shoes from Lace and Favour last month it has really got me thinking about all the things brides to be need to consider when buying their wedding shoes, because like with everything with weddings, there's a million things to consider. 

Glamorous Bridal Shoes from Lace and Favour

Your Dress

One thing I really didn't consider when buying my wedding dress is that I really needed to have bought the shoes first. When I ordered my wedding dress I got a custom length but this meant I had to decide and commit to a heel height before I had even begun thinking about the shoes. I was so focused on the dress, I didn't even realise that I needed to have the shoes first. I had to take a guess as to what heel height I'm going to have, and now my dress is in production, I can't really change my mind which may limit me a lot. If I was to do it again I would definitely get my shoes before my dress so it can be made to the most perfect length and I won't have the additional cost of getting the length re-done once it arrives. 


When we were budgeting for our wedding, I put in what I thought was enough money for the dress (it wasn't enough, but that's another story), but I completely overlooked how much all of the additional accessories would cost including veil, shoes and jewellery. Whilst I would love a pair of Louboutins or Jimmy Choo's, I know that's realistically not going to happy so I've been trying to be good and keeping to a specific budget. This is where I found the Lace and Favour website so perfect because it has beautiful shoes for every single budget. They have every single type of shoe you can think of and I personally love the ones featured in this post. They are glamorous, glitzy and at a very reasonable price of £89.00 which I think it a fabulous deal for how beautiful they are. 


One thing brides really need to keep in mind is their venue and which style of shoe is the best fit. For our Mallorca wedding, our aisle involves walking down steps in front of everyone, and then a lot of the venue is grass which means a stiletto heel probably isn't the most appropriate shoe to wear. 

Think about the grounds of your venues before you fully commit to a shoe. Is it unstable? Is there cobbles? Grass? Sand? 

We're fall head over heels in love, not head over heels because we can't walk in our shoes. 


Speaking of not being able to walk in our shoes, obviously a very important factor for most people (not all!), is that you can actually walk in them, for a very very long time. It's all well and good saying you can just take them off in the evening but if you have a long dress which is made to the height of your shoes, take your shoes off and your dress will be too long which means you run the risk of tripping over it. 

I would recommend trying to wear your shoes in before the big day. A lot of bridal shoes I've seen are really really padded on the inside which is great especially if you're wearing heels all day so this is definitely something to look out for. 

Glamorous Bridal Shoes from Lace and Favour

Glamorous Bridal Shoes from Lace and Favour

I hope you love these bridal shoes as much as I do! Thank you Lace and Favour I can't wait to wear them at my UK wedding!

Love Lauren xx


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  1. Those shoes are gorgeous!! I wore the highest heels ever and I definitely wouldn't recommend it - I could hardly walk all day


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