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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

What it's like to fly Business Class with British Airways

If you follow me on any kind of social media, particularly Instagram or read my life update blog post, you'll know how much I've been travelling this year. It's literally been crazy. I feel really lucky to have a job where I get to see the world, especially when they're places on my bucket list. Sky high on my bucket list was flying business class on a long haul flight and back in June, I got the chance! 

What it's like to fly Business Class with British Airways

I booked my flight really last minute so it was a lot more expensive than usual so if you're thinking about your next trip, book as early in advance as possible. I always use Sky Scanner to check the cheapest airlines.

For this trip, I flew British Airways which I was really excited about as it meant I would get more points on my frequent flyer scheme which would take me up to the next level - something I've been trying to do for ages!

Packing was SO much less stressful flying business as the luggage allowance is much higher. I'm usually bang on 23kg and that involves a lot of throwing things out of my case before I go but this time I didn't need to worry at all. You can even bring two suitcases, you know, if you do sooo much shopping on holiday, you couldn't possibly bring it all back in one! I can dream!

On arrival to the airport I was shown to a separate check in desk with no queue whatsoever. The staff were so lovely and treated everyone like royalty. The check in was quick and smooth, but that was to be expected as I generally don't have a problem with British Airways at Heathrow T5. If you're flying first or business you can go through the fast track for airport security. Again, I never usually have a problem at Heathrow, but it was nice to feel a bit special and go through the fast track. We did still have to wait a while as it was busy but not as long as we would have in the normal queue.

After passing through security, I was able to enter the British Airways lounge. I have only been to a couple of British Airways lounges before all at smaller airports so I didn't really know what to expect. I walked through the door and the room was absolutely massive and completely packed. I really really wasn't expecting it to be so busy. I barely found a place to sit but managed to find a little chair in the corner. There were lovely big corner sofas but they were completely taken up by what I thought was selfish people fully lying down flat all over them taking up what could be seats for about 4 people. When the lounge was so busy I thought it was so rude and selfish.

What it's like to fly Business Class with British Airways

I put my bags down and went for a nose around the food and drink on offer. I was there in the morning so the breakfast was laid out, pastries, fresh fruit, yogurts, cereal and bacon and sausage baps, as well as fruit juices, soft drinks and anything alcoholic you could want.

I grabbed some food and went to sit down and relax. I was near to the shower rooms and overheard the assistant say it was a two hour wait for the showers which was insane seeing as most people don't have that long before their flight. Before I left the lounge when my flight was called I went to go to the toilet and there was a massive queue which had a lot of people complaining. As I was walking out I also heard some people being turned away because the lounge was full which must have been disappointing for them but I think it was definitely necessary as it was so busy it was ridiculous.

I would probably say I feel pretty mediocre about the lounge. It was way too busy for my liking and took the edge away from the exclusivity of it, and also made it harder to relax with so many people moving about the whole time. I did however really like how comfy the seats and sofas were, the quality of the food and that it had free wifi which is always a bonus. I wonder if it was the time of day I was travelling (midday on a Saturday) or whether it's like that all the time.

Once my flight was called I left the lounge pretty quickly as I was so excited to get on the plane. I don't know why I always run to the gate because you're only ever left waiting there but still, I wanted to be first on and make the most of every second!

When I booked the flight, I was advised by some friends who are regular business class travelers to book a seat on the upper deck as there's only about 20 seats up there so it's really quiet and feels like a private jet. I took their advice and luckily there was just one seat available up there - obviously a popular choice, and for good reason!

What it's like to fly Business Class with British Airways
(I didn't actually get a full photo of the seat, I was too excited to sit down!)

I had a very friendly welcome on to the plane and as soon as I was shown to my seat I was offered a drink, so of course I had a champagne, which was lovely. The seats are face to face which I do find that a little bit awkward to be staring into the eyes of a random person! Luckily there's a screen which most people put straight up! 

Before take off I was given a menu for the flight and a travel bag with some essentials, Elemis spa products, a toothbrush, lip balm and eye mask which is a lovely touch. I remember years ago you used to get a similar thing in economy but I'm not sure you do anymore, well not on the flights I've been on any way! 

Just after take off we were served another round of drinks which kept flowing throughout the flight. This was followed by our three course meal so I settled down, put my seat back and feet up, to relax and enjoy the flight. And enjoy I certainly did.

What it's like to fly Business Class with British Airways

The food was absolutely delicious, no plastic knives in sight, and staff were always on hand to get anything you need. There was a snack kitchen on the lower deck that had some sandwiches, crisps and chocolate so I stocked up on a few bits and got wrapped up in my blanket to watch some films. It would have been nice to have a snack kitchen upstairs too to save going down but I guess there wasn't any room for it.

What it's like to fly Business Class with British Airways

What it's like to fly Business Class with British Airways

What it's like to fly Business Class with British Airways

The beds lay completely flat and for me, being very short, were perfect. I did see some men that were really tall and didn't look too comfy but I was in heaven and could have stayed there forever.  

I think the only thing that ruined the flight for me were the insanely obnoxious other passengers. One demanded to see the bottle of champagne before drinking it and huffed and puffed because the brand he wanted wasn't available on board. I saw another couple so pompous and arrogant be really rude to the cabin crew which really annoys me. I guess these people may have the money to drop £10k on a flight but it doesn't give them the right to speak to staff like servants. I'm a big believer of any one person being no better than another but unfortunately a lot of people don't think like that. 

The cabin crew were absolutely amazing and stayed professional and kind throughout the flight which must have been difficult. If it was me, I'd want to throw the bottle of champagne over their heads but hey, what a waste of lovely champagne that would be. 

Overall, flying business class really was my dream come true. It's the only flight I really really didn't want to end and I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to experience it. I truly felt so spoilt and pampered and it was so nice to get off the plane and feel refreshed. I wish I got more photos but I felt a bit awkward to be honest!! 

Let me know what's on your travel bucket list!

Love Lauren xx


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