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Friday, 10 March 2017

Career Guest Post: Working as a Pub/Restaurant Manager

Name: Ayla Ackroyd Johnson (Ayla Johnson on Social Media)

Blog: Anxious Agony Aunt

Industry: Hospitality 

Job title: Assistant Manager of a pub/restaurant

Career Guest Post: Working as a Pub/Restaurant Manager

Description of job role & industry: 

Helping to run a pub and be a good team leader for your colleagues. Hospitality is a great industry to start off in as it really helps to give you a confidence boost & set you in the right direction.

An average day consists of...

Setting the pub up, running a shift or two, then closing the pub down. Obviously serving customers too.. But that's pretty self explanatory. I pour pints, make drinks & coffees, change barrels, rack & tap them (get them ready to be served) and take orders.

Career progression:

I have gone from being a bar maid who had never worked on a full bar before, to a supervisor, to stand in assistant manager and then on to become assistant manager. All in the space of 2 years. My wage has increased each time, as well as my hours which means I'm more financially secure. The tips are great too, usually pays for my petrol each week & sometimes more!

Qualifications/experience required:

No experience is required to start off in this industry, experience would be required if you'd like to progress in this career. Although each place is different, general knowledge of a bar/pub/restaurant is excellent to have but its all so easy to pick up. Definitely a great starting career to have!

Best tip to crack the industry:

Be a people person, even if you're not outside of work, if you are inside it really helps to boost your confidence, progress and even makes your tips higher ;)

Best thing about my job:

Meeting new people for definite! I love getting to know people, even if they are only in for a bit. I've learnt so much whilst being in this job, a lot from customers. As well as getting to work with all sorts of people. Because I live in Cornwall, we have a lot of people come down for summer or winter seasons so I'm meeting new people all the time from all over the place.

Worst thing about my job:

Late nights! Pubs are the worst for it (minus night shifts). If you're a night person like me it's not too bad, but your sleeping patterns definitely go out the window. Although some pubs done open for breakfast so the lie in's are good!

Hey I'm Ayla!

I'm an assistant manager of a pub, creator of Anxious Agony Aunt & a writer for #MentalMovement.. as well as doing a management diploma on the side!

When I'm not working you'll find me hidden away reading or watching repeats of Gossip Girl.
I love all things cheesecake, gin & lingerie related and I start my world travels in August.. watch out for my blog! 


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  1. I bet your job is never boring is it! I used to work in hotels and I liked that I was never doing the same thing all shift, I did a bit of everything and it helped the time go by faster. What's your favourite part of working in a pub?
    Amy at Amy & More


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