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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Career Guest Post: Working as a Digital Marketing Strategist

Name: Poppy

Industry: Marketing and Advertising

Job Title: Digital Marketing Strategist

Poppy May

Brief description of job role and industry:

I work at a digital agency in London which is a place that helps businesses and people alike really get a hold on their online presence, be it through web design, development or online marketing. My job is to basically take care of all of our clients social media channels and other online content. I create content as well as analyse their outcomes. I then proceed to improve the content in various ways to get more traction. 

An average day consists of recording the progress of campaigns I am managing through various analytics reports, writing blog posts, sending out social media updates and creating email campaigns. I pretty much spend all of my time online but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Career progression:

There's a lot of opportunity in the marketing and advertising industry because all sorts of businesses always need marketing. I'm a strategist at the moment but I hope to one day own my own digital agency or go freelance. 

Qualifications/experience required:

I think it's mainly experience that gets you the job. I had two internships under my belt before I got an actual full-time permanent position in digital marketing. So definitely take any experience you can get while you can. I think it's worth a lot more than my Journalism degree. 

Best tip to crack the industry:

As cliche as it sounds, my best advice would be to work hard and stay motivated. It's easy to get down when you work a 9-5 but if you work hard and bring your best every day you're sure to be rewarded. 

Best thing about my job:

The people. I love the people at my agency! They're so much fun to work with and make it a real joy to go to work. Also I love that my work is very reactive, it's not the same thing everyday. I always structure my work day around what can be improved from yesterday. 

Worst thing about my job:

The commute! I don't really enjoy the daily grind of getting up early to be crammed onto a train full of people. 

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