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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Dirty Great Love Story Review

Deep in the heart of Theatreland, beyond the headline shows, there are smaller, less well known theatres, with shows that are so underrated and often overlooked by people like me, who are probably a bit naive of places like that. 

I've been to the West End so many times to watch shows that are famous all over the world, and draw in tourists night after night. But this week, I was introduced to the other side of Theatreland's coin, a show at the Arts Theatre. 

The Arts Theatre is, an independent commercial theatre in the heart of London’s West End, providing a programme of entertainment to suit everyone. Their current headline show is Dirty Great Love Story which Luke and I had the pleasure of watching last week. 

Dirty Great Love Story

The show tells the story of Katie Bonna and Richard Marsh who meet in a nightclub and have a one night stand. The show is so true to life following the awkward encounters from waking up the morning after the night before, to bumping into each other at parties and events, months and years in the future. 

I didn't really know what to expect from the show as I've only ever been to all singing and dancing musicals in the past. I'm actually embarrassed to say, this is something I would have probably previously overlooked but taking a step out of my comfort zone has completely changed my mind. 

Dirty Great Love Story

source: Richard Davenport for The Other Richard

For anyone not knowing what to expect, I'll make it simple. There's two cast members, playing about 6 characters, talking mostly in rhyme for 90 minutes straight. So maybe you're thinking this is totally not your thing, and yes I would have thought so too this time last week but I couldn't possibly be more wrong. 

When you take away the frills, costume changes, crazy sets and props, allllll the singing, you see, and appreciate the pure talent from the actors on a completely other level. You listen to the story with no distractions, get lost in the story even. And because of the simplicity of everything visually on the stage, and also due to the talent of both actors, it's like reading a book, where you can see the characters in your head and make them what you want them to be. There is no set, or props or costume changes, but after the first 5 minutes you don't even notice because your imagination has already created it in your head, so vivid, you can almost see it on the stage. 

The script was perfect; absolutely hilarious, witty, awkward and so true to life. It really does capture the essence of a drunken one night stand. The sheer talent of both actors really blew my mind, with 90 minutes on stage, no breaks, just them, with nothing to hide behind. I was completely and utterly in awe of both of them. 

Dirty Great Love Story

source: Richard Davenport for The Other Richard

Both Luke and I had such a great time and laughed out loud from beginning to end along with the rest of the audience. It's such a feel good show and we left with smiles on our faces, in awe of the talent of everyone involved. It was such a perfect date night but would have also been just as perfect for a night with the girls.

This visit has really opened my eyes to the talent in theatre aside from the big headline shows. And let's be honest, shows like this are much more affordable, won't have you sat behind a pillar or queuing for an hour to get in, so really it's a no brainer. I truly urge all of you to check out both the Arts Theatre and other smaller theatres in London and in your area. Let's support them and get behind their talent, because above all, they deserve it. 

The Arts Theatre is also home to Rooms at the Arts, available for hire for rehearsals and workshops, the Madd Hatters cafĂ©, Covent Garden Cocktail Club and a private event space so make sure you take a visit. 

Dirty Great Love Story is showing until 18th March Monday - Saturday and you can get tickets here.  

Let me know if you visit, I'd love to hear what you think. 

Love Lauren xx

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  1. Sounds brilliant. Small theatre do great show in the West End and locally in most cities.


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