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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Haircare Favourites Review and Wishlists

Whilst I know I'm not big on hair styling, and you'll very rarely see be branching away from my simple and straight blonde hair, there are some hair care products I literally couldn't live without. Some have been in my collection for many years and some are new products I've tried in the last 12 months. But all are, in my opinion, amazing. 

Haircare Favourites Review

Products listed left to right

This product is part of my vital hair care every time I go on a night out as it's the perfect product to give life, texture, and of course as it says on the tin, volume and bounce. Its a light spray which means that it doesn't ruin any style you've already created. I don't personally use hairsprays, so this is my perfect alternative. Charles Worthington has a couple of products in it's Volume and Bounce range including, Volume & Bounce Body Booster Mousse, Express Blow Dry Primer, and their Perfect Finish Hair Spray. Out of all of these products, I think I'd like to try the blow dry primer next. That's definitely going on my next beauty wishlist. 

This was a brand and product I was introduced to at our Big Blogger Expo back in July and I instantly fell in love with this dry shampoo. Unlike some other dry shampoos, this one actually cleans your hair, it smells incredible (literally like perfume for your hair) and also it's very light. The texture and weight of the product is really important to me as I have very thin and fine hair so some dry shampoos are just too much for it. Even if you love your current dry shampoo (which I did at the time of finding this one), I would advise everyone to give this one a go, because I can't see how anyone would not fall in love with it like I did. I know it's on the high end scale but trust me it's so worth it, and your hair will definitely be able the tell the difference. 

Living Proof has a massive range of products. Next on my list to try is their Restore Mask, Root Lifting Spray and 5 in 1 Styling Treatment, an award winning patented product which apparently increases smoothness, volume, condition and strength all in one!

Schwarzkopf Got2b Beach Matt Texturising Salt Spray

Not so much for the winter, but in the summer, this is my go-to product. I love the long blonde hair, wavy mermaid look and this product helps me achieve that. As my hair grows longer and longer, it's heavy and needs some help to create the beachy waves. It's such a simple product that can be used on wet or dry hair and it doesn't clump together or make your hair look wet and greasy, which most definitely isnt' a good look! 

Although I haven't included it in this line up because it's not my absolutely holy grail, I do also like their got2b 2 sexy big volume hairspray and their got2b POWDER'ful volumizing styling powder for those big hair days. 

Now for my ultimate holy grail, the product I very very rarely go a day without using...

I know Batiste is traditionally known for their dry shampoo that is well loved by all of us, but I think this is by far their best product, and totally underrated. My hair is as flat as a pancake, but a few sprays of this and it comes to life in seconds. I use this product pretty much every day as it's so quick to spray and fluff up, giving instant volume - something my hair is crying out for! 

This can, and it's a bigun' (because of course I always buy the biggest one availabble) comes with me absolutely everywhere, and whenever I run out, it's a massive disaster and a mad rush to the shops to buy more! 

Batiste also do an XXL powder, which I'm yet to try. But if the volume spray is anything to go by, it'll be fabulous, and a much more lightweight alternative to the large can. 

Backcombing Brush

Okay so I'm annoyed at myself for forgetting where this brush is from but I'm pretty sure it's somewhere like Boots! The sharp end of the brush is perfect for separately hair, whilst the bristles are great for backcombing and bringing volume to your hair. I usually only use this one when I'm on nights out but nevertheless, it comes everywhere with me!

Haircare Favourites Review

John Frieda Sheer Blonde shampoo and conditioner are products I've used for as long as I can remember. My hair is totally natural blonde and I try as hard as I can to keep it this way, treating it well and topping it up with regular sunshine which turns it the lovely bright blonde - even if only for a while!! Whenever I use these products, especially over longer periods of time, I feel like my hair is noticeably brighter which I absolutely love. As my hair is natural, that means it does darken quite a considerable amount in the winter so next on my list to try is their Go Blonder In Shower Lightening Treatment

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Hi Impact Oil Elixir is the newest product to my collection and helps to restore and repair my hair. I've noticed a decrease in split ends since I started using it and my hair breaks less easily which makes a big difference to my ultra fine hair. 

John Frieda has also just released a range of 'Brilliantly Brighter' products which I'm yet to try but they look perfect for me. 

Let me know if there's any hair care favourites you love, that I should try!

Love Lauren xx


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