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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

RUSH Hairdressers King's Cross Review

Considering the amount of time, effort and money I spend on the rest of my appearance, my hair is something I've always neglected. I always used to visit the hairdressers regularly as I loved the time out and pamper but as I've become older, and most importantly, busier, getting my hair cut is something I keep putting off - and besides, I love how long my hair is and usually hairdressers cut way too much off!! 

When I had the opportunity to visit RUSH Kings Cross, I was so excited as it was 6 months since I last had my hair cut and with all the travelling I'm doing with work at the moment, I could definitely do with the pamper. And pamper they did...

RUSH Hairdressers Kings Cross

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Three hours in Rome; Photo Diary

Whilst a lot of people think my life is a whirlwind of organising glamorous events and exploring beautiful destinations, that's definitely not the whole reality. Yes, I am lucky enough to visit a new country every couple of weeks, but I don't get to spend much time outside the event venue - an evening if I'm lucky, but usually only an hour to two.

Whilst running an event in Zurich back in July, I vowed to make sure I would try my absolute best to make the most of the cities I visit with work and make an effort to go and and see at least something in any spare second I had.

Over the August Bank Holiday, I was running a couple of events in Rome and managed three glorious hours to explore the City Centre. Of course, I didn't get to see much, especially as I was in the queue for the Colosseum for an hour, but that, along with the Trevi Fountain were the two things I feel like I waited my life to see, well since Lizzie McGuire anyway.

Colosseum Rome

Monday, 12 September 2016

Annika Nail Varnish by Edge Nails

Bright summer nails isn't just a seasonal trend for me, it's an all year round go to. I love having bright, vibrant nails whatever the weather or time of year. I've tried so many brands of nail varnish from high street to high end and always look for a product that doesn't need 10 coats just to reach the colour in the bottle, and also one that is quick drying and easy to apply. 

I've recently been introduced to the Annika range of nail varnish by Edge nails. They've released 30 gorgeous, vibrant shades which promise exceptional durability, a high shine and a smooth glossy finish. 

Annika Nail Varnish by Edge Nails

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Girls of Summer #OOTD with Quiz Clothing

There's nothing I love more than summer clothes, the fit, the colours, the style. Summer dresses in particular are such an easy option when the weather decides to play nice.

Quiz Clothing's #GirlsOfSummer range is me all over so when I got the chance to pick a dress to wear, I took me longer than I care to admit even to settle on one!

The dress I settled on was the Cream Grey And Red Flower Print Skater Dress.

#GIRLSOFSUMMER by Quiz Clothing

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