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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Body Confidence with Boohoo

When I sat down to write this post, I spend a lot of time thinking about my body confidence story and how my feelings about myself and how I look have changed over the years. It's actually been really therapeutic to think about how far I've come in regards to accepting myself and taking steps to ensure my own happiness.

After a couple of negative relationships when I was younger, my body confidence was pretty low between 16 and 18. I had put on some weight and was generally unhappy with relationships, friendships, stresses of getting into uni and all the normal pressures of being a teenage girl. The day I found out I got into University was the day I said to myself that things would be different from now on. It was my chance to get away from a bad relationship and start again in a place where no one knew me and I could be the person I've always wanted to be. And I did it. 

Boohoo Swimsuits, body confidence
Swimsuit from Boohoo

Going to University allowed me the chance to live on my own, grow up and create the life I've always dreamed of having. Even within the first week I was feeling better already and it's something that continued to develop throughout my time at Uni whilst I began to shape the rest of my life. Even though I was definitely be confident and happy than ever with my friends, career, studies, body and looks in general, I still had a niggling feeling because there was one thing about myself I hated more than anything in the world, my boobs. 

I know it's difficult for most people to understand, and I sincerely hope you're never in a position to know what it feels like to truly hate something about yourself that you just can't change, but it's a hate that consumed my life every day. Not all day every day, but every day. 

For years I tried to ignore it but after sitting in HnM changing rooms for two hours crying one day, I decided to stop crying and start acting. I'm not going to go into everything in depth as you can read it on my Breast Augmentation Journey post but all I need to say is that it changed my life overnight. 

I'm not saying whatsoever that anyone needs surgery to be more body confident because that's not the case at all. It's just that for me, I had considered it for 8 years, researched it for 2 years, and knew this was the right choice, for me. Now I look in the mirror and see the body I have always seen in my head when I close my eyes. I couldn't possibly love my results more if I tried and anyone who knows me will definitely confirm that. 

In the last year, my body confidence has been at the highest point of my life, thanks in part to my surgery, but also because I have recently begun to take more control of everything to create a life I have always wanted. I've started taking more time out for myself to read, or just sit in the garden with a blanket and watch the world go by, that all important me time which makes me so happy. I've found my inner gym bunny and actually signed up to a personal trainer (something I never ever though I'd do)! I am making so many plans with the friends to make sure every single weekend is full of fun and meaning. I now have a job that makes me incredibly happy and allows me to travel the world.

And you know what, I'm proud to say I'm happy. 

When I take time to work on my mental welbeing, I always find I end up being happier and more accepting of my exterior. If I could wish for one thing, it would be that body confidence and inner happiness is something that is encouraged from a young age, and promoted throughout life. I feel like there's still a stigma attached to people saying they love their bum or stomach or hair or make up, whatever it might be, and it's ridiculous. 

Be proud to stand up and tell everyone what you love about yourself and your life 

Be proud of who you are, the journey you've taken and where you are now

Be proud of the person you are

Boohoo Swimsuits, body confidence
Swimsuit from Boohoo

We should be our own biggest supporter. Over the past year I've learnt that it's okay to think I look good in a certain outfit, it's okay to say I love my job, it's okay to say I'm really happy, and I shouldn't feel guilty for those things. My happiness and confidence has come from learning to accept what I can't change, and changing what I can so that I am in control of my own happiness.

Whilst taking these photos, in this Boohoo swimsuit, I felt better and more confident than I have in years. I literally didn't want to take it off. Thanks to my new found confidence, and inner happiness, I'm ready to take on the world. 

I think body confidence is something we should talk about more and I was really upset after doing a Twitter poll recently that 32% of people said they didn't feel body confident and 48% said they only felt body confident about half the time. We need to get to a place where most people say they do feel body confident so I reached out to you lovely lot on Twitter to find out how you feel about the topic and your tips on how to feel more confident.

Boohoo Swimsuits, body confidence
Bikini from Boohoo

To me body confidence is about knowing that I, and everyone else in the world deserves to feel good about themselves no matter what. There's no such thing as objective beauty standards, so I let go of that and just focus on enjoying living in my body, and I try to spread positivity to help others enjoy living in theirs! @ciamarsh

Body confidence to me is feeling comfortable in my own skin & knowing that there is a low risk that my body will let me down health wise. @whentaniatalks

Body confidence for me is about appreciating that beauty is not just skin deep. When you accept yourself and body for what it is, you carry yourself with confidence that makes you beautiful whatever shape and size. If you can also appreciate all the things your body is capable of and be thankful of that, that every day your body carries you closer to your goals, you are confident and happy with your body! What makes me feel confident is not comparing myself or body to anyone else, making sure that I am doing the things I am capable of which includes my ballet dancing, keeping active, and also dressing myself with a sense of pride. That's what makes me feel confident. My mind and thought process controls my body confidence. @sopherinas

Body confidence to me is physical and mental. It’s age old, but it’s about feeling good, not necessarily looking good. To me that is making sure you are comfortable in your own skin as well as in your own clothes. I always make time to do some exercise because it puts me in a good state of mind, not to lose weight. Obviously keeping fit is a bonus, but it’s my time to be at one with myself, to get to know my body and have some head space. That is a big factor for me in body confidence – having some ‘me time’ to get to know myself. In that time, I think through my day and week, and why things that made me happy or sad had that effect on me. At the end of each exercise session, I am noticeably more energised, and I feel confident, of body and mind. @devinebride

Body confidence is feeling comfortable in your own skin, I truly believe its a general form of happiness it connects to being comfortable with who you are and being confident enough to ignore negativity. Putting on makeup, doing my hair and wearing a good pair of heels makes me feel confident and like I can take on the world. @taynoelpearson

I know it's hard, but body confidence starts with accepting who you are! Focus on what is best about yourself and the bits you dislike will feel so little in comparison they don't matter. Happiness starts within! Give it a go! @urbanvox

Body confidence to me means being comfortable with the way you look on the outside. Loving your mind, body and soul. Being able to look at yourself in the mirror and not think you need to change yourself. It is also about caring about your mind, body and soul and doing things that promote good mental and physical health.What makes me feel confident is being able to get myself dressed up and think you're looking good today. Also looking after me and taking time for me helps me feel.good about myself. @tanicici

I used to worry about how people perceived me and the way that I look. Then I became pregnant and acquired some curves and a few new lumps and bumps and weirdly I suddenly loved my new body. Where I was once svelte and toned, I now had a more motherly figure: an outward sign to the world about how my life had changed. My pride in being a mother was mirrored by my pride in my body and appearance. Most importantly, I am making sure that I maintain this newfound body confidence so that I can be a good example to my little girl as she grows up. I'd like her to live a life free from body hang-ups and all of the difficulties associated with them. @polbag

Body confidence to me is being able to show off your best bits and be celebrated! Confidence is the key and a beautiful smile is better than a not-there outfit! @LoveRosiee1

Body confidence Is about feeling confident in the body you have. If you feel confident and comfortable with your body, so will others, things that make me feel confident are compliments, healthy eating and excersise and abit of fake tan! Because everyone looks better with a tan! @chescavenus

In my early 20s, I put a bit of weight on. Not noticeable to other people but enough to knock my confidence a little. I began to look very closely at my 'flaws' and actually began to accept them. Once you realise that everybody else doesn't see the things about you that you don't like, it makes loving the skin you're in so much easier. The less I talk about the things I don't like, the less they bother me. I feel most confident when I focus on what I can change and what I do love about myself. @melreylaw

I find that body confidence is something that has grown for me personally as I've got a little older. The best advice I can give is to stop comparing yourself to other people and instead just focus on yourself, which I find has helped me a lot. Everyone has insecurities but I find that focusing on the things I love about myself and taking the time to look after myself and treat myself really helps me to increase my confidence. You only get one body and so the best thing you can do is to take care of it and love it! @homelovequeen

Last year I became addicted to apps that could alter how I look but it only ended up making me feel worse about myself because I felt like I had cheated all the people who would like my photos on social media, like I was living a lie. I stopped using them this year and new I had to accept the way I was, flaws and all. I started to look to real women in the spotlight for guidance and inspiration on beauty and body confidence/body issues! By real women I mean women like blogger Gracie Francesca and actress Lena Dunham. As for making myself feel good, there is nothing like putting on a brand new outfit and doing make up and hair to boost my confidence and feel good. There is something about owing something new, something you have picked out because you think it makes you look beautiful, even if no-one else knows that you its brand spanking new, or knows how good it makes you feel, you know! And then I love posting a photo that is actually showing me, no altered waist or erased bags and wrinkles, but me, feeling and looking fabulous and happy! @TinkerbellJayne

Do what makes you feel good & wear what makes you feel good. Keep boosting yourself everyday in the smallest ways. Be your own biggest fan. It's okay to have bad days, good days will come again just like the bad days will come. The only person who needs to like you is yourself, because at the end of the day yourself is all you have. You are worthy enough & you deserve to feel confident in your appearance, you got this. @p0ppyfield

To me body confidence is all about feel happy and comfortable in your own skin no matter what your size, shape or colouring. I always felt quit pale & uninteresting in my teens and like I didn't have a defining feature at all. these days I've learnt to love my pale skin, freckles and all! It took ages to learn what worked for me and what didn't though - life is all about trial and error and my freckly shoulders are now one of my favourite things to show off! @HarmonyBlaze_UK

What makes me feel confident in my body is definitely clothing and dressing for your own body type and also self love and positivity, I love social media for giving girls confidence and ideas. I feel like so much focus is put on the negative side of social media re: body shaming but I think if we actually stopped giving it so much attention and turned the tables it would become less of a focus point. I feel like there is so many positive things about social media, never before was there such an outlet for people to feel confident about themselves. I think it's so important to give yourself credit when credit is due. When you dress up for an occasion and feel super sexy, I love the fact that posting a photo locks that moment in time. Everyone loves to be negative about social media and I think it's because they don't completely understand it but I do think it has a huge input in to young girls and their confidence especially in this new day and age. @kayte_b16

Body confidence is not a matter of looking in front of the mirror every single day and not wanting to change anything, because everyone has those frustrating moments of self-doubt and criticism. It’s more the idea of accepting your body as it is at this time, regardless of what others think and really owning it. If you want to change things then change them, no matter the critics. If you want to love your body even though others don’t, then love it fully. If you love an outfit but worry about social response, wear it anyway because you can! Body confidence is a journey and as with every journey it has its ups and downs, but the only person who can navigate that journey is you.Confidence for me is going through the usual morning routine of worrying about my appearance, changing outfits numerous times and then finally exclaiming ‘I don’t care!’ and rocking whatever makeup/fashion combo I end up with. It’s about doing things my way and excluding the negative comments of others, even if they hurt. I won’t claim to love myself all the time or never conform, but I high five myself on the days where I couldn’t care less and I try to remember that feeling on the days where I do. @DofFD

Boohoo Swimsuits, body confidence
Swimsuit from Boohoo

Not that I can add much to the wonderful words of encourage, wisdom and advice from all of the wonderful bloggers above, but, I believe body confidence comes from experimenting with different looks, to work out what you look show stopping in, taking time out to look after your mental well being, post that photo where you look amazing, call upon friends and the blogging community when you're feeling down and don't be afraid to love yourself and be in control of your own life. 

Be strong, and be confident.

Love Lauren xxx

You can buy the swimsuit featured in this post here. Boohoo has a massive range of swimwear as usual and I have to admit I went a bit spend happy this summer. Take a look at their range here



  1. Brilliant post Lauren! We all need to embrace who we are, inside and out! xoxo

  2. Absolutely love this post Lauren! I'm so happy for you. Very well written and well said. You look gorgeous xx
    Lottie |

  3. a lot of people should read this one, very important points about embracing yourself and accepting who you are! love the swimsuits you chose!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  4. Makes me so happy to see other people happy in their life and in theirselves. You are a beautiful girl and your body is fire you deserve all the happiness there is. <3

  5. Yes Lauren!!! love this... you look absolutely amazing in these pics and I 100% agree with what youre saying! Body confidence should be encouraged and celebrated!!! xx


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