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Friday, 15 April 2016

WeightWatchers Scales Review

When it comes to weight, there’s a massive dividing opinion on whether you should or shouldn’t take into account what the scales say. It is most definitely true that the scales do not show the full picture. There are many contributing factors to the final number that makes up your weight, and one ‘healthy’ weight for one person, may not be for another.

I for one, have never been reliant in any way on how much the scales said I weighed. The number jumps up and down depending on how much food and water I’ve had, how long ago that was, what the time of day and month I’m weighing myself and a zillion other factors. However, there are measures of my body, that are extremely important to me, and I’ve finally found a pair of scales to measure them.

WeightWatchers Scales Review

The WeightWatchers scales look like every other scale out there on the market, and whilst it does measure weight, it has so much more to offer. You can create ‘profiles’ on the scales which include information such as gender, height and age which help to calculate your BMI, water percentage and fat percentage. Profiles are saved on to the scales so you don’t have to keep inputting the information every time you use them which I really like. They also come with a booklet explaining each measurement and giving charts for each one so you can work out where your statistics fit in relation to the healthy percentile for your gender, age and height. Measuring your water and fat percentage requires you to stand bare foot on the scales whilst it administers a tiny tiny electric shock which aids in the measurement – but don’t worry, you can’t feel a thing. I didn’t even know it did this until weeks later when I read up about the scales.

Water percentage

I know for sure, I don’t drink enough water, but I have never had any idea what my water percentage is. After putting in your age, height and weight, the WeightWatchers scales, show your body water percentage and mine was ridiculously low. The scales come with a handy book which lets you know for your age and height, what a healthy percentage should be and I was way way below. I know from having such dehydrated skin, I need to drink more, which is why I wrote my post about the benefits water and also some suggestions on how to drink more. Keeping hydrated is so important, since I tested my body water percentage, I’ve been making more of an effort to drink a lot more using the tips in my previous article and my percentage has increased by 4% entering into the ‘healthy’ percentile which I’m really happy about.  Knowing the importance and benefits to my body of keeping hydrated, it’s now really important to me to monitor my body water percentage, and ensure I remain in the ‘healthy’ percentile.

Fat percentage

The fat percentage is the statistic I was most interested in. While I’m not interested whatsoever in the actual weight of my body, I am concerned with my fat percentage, as for me, it’s really important to keep it in a healthy range. I knew before stepping on to the scales that my body fat percentage would be high but I wasn’t quite prepared for it to be such a high number. Keep in mind that the scales take into account your height and age when calculating the percentage so for my gender, height and age, my body fat was way way too high. Since finding this out, I’ve tried to make more of an effort to eat better and work out, whilst my weight says I’ve lost a fair bit, my body fat has only gone down by 1% so it’s definitely something I need to keep working on. I hope that by the summer, I can get my body fat down into the healthy range!

The scales also measure your BMI but in my opinion that's not an accurate measurement of 'health' or weight so we'll skim over that part!

So, in summary, not all scales are the devil. It’s important to remember that there are other measurements for your body, other than weight which is often largely an unreliable method of tracking progress etc. I’d love to know if you guys have any methods of tracking your body measurements or if you’ve had any experience of these scales! 

Love Lauren xx

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  1. this looks like a great scale to have! I might need to get my mum one of these!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥


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