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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Top Tips For a Perfect Holiday

There's absolutely nothing I love more in the world, than a holiday. Every spare moment is spent daydreaming, researching, booking the next trip, whilst every spare penny is saved to pay for my need to escape the country for warmer climates. 

It's fair to say I've been on a lot of holidays, and have also had my fair share of ups and downs on them too! From A&E emergencies to arguments, and missed flights, everyone wants a smooth running, fun filled holiday but it doesn't always turn out that way!

Here's my tips to make sure your next holiday is a memorable one, for all the right reasons!!

Cancun, Mexico pool and sea view

Cancun 2013

Planning and Booking

- Decide who you're going away with and chose wisely! Particularly if you're booking ahead of time, no one wants to be stuck going on holiday with people you've fallen out with since booking it! 

- Make sure you're all on the same page with the type of holiday you want. If some people want quiet and cultural and others want drinking and clubbing, it's probably not going to work. If everyone wants the same sort of holiday, it'll make everything so much easier and more stress free - exactly what a holiday should be

- Once a destination, duration and date has been decided (which may require some compromises if everyone has different opinions), it's time to get ready to book.  

- Shop around to get the best price. Travel Supermarket is the perfect way to ensure you're getting the best deal - because what's the point in paying over the odds for something you can get cheaper?

Getting Ready To Go

- Research some places to go/things to see and do/restaurants to eat at to get you started for the first few days. Don't make the mistake of wondering around with no idea on directions trying to find the nearest town - been there, done that, got the sunburn

- Learn a few words of the language before you go away. If you're going somewhere with strong cultural customs, you may want to research those before you leave too

- Buy your travel insurance and ensure you bring the documents with you and leave a copy with someone at home in case of an emergency. Trust me from experience having a medical emergency on holiday is a bad enough situation as it is, without having to pick up the enormous bill when you're home

- Talk about how much spending money everyone is taking to avoid the situation of some people eating Michelin and the others Mcdonalds. 

- Make sure you know your luggage allowance and have weighed your case. Unless you want to be the idiot holding up the whole queue while you unpack your underwear?

- If you have your boarding pass on your phone, don't let it run out of battery!

Whilst You're Away

- Take photos/videos of everything you do or see, they don't need to be shared online, or with anyone back home but it's an amazing memory to look back on 

- Give local food and activities a try

- Do something out of your comfort zone

- Call home and tell the dog you miss them... or is that just me?

- Try and see a sunrise and sunset. You always forget how magical they are until you stop and take a minute to appreciate them, especially abroad

- Stick together whilst out and about, especially at night

- Keep your hotel address written down in your purse just in case

- Remember what your mumma would tell you - SPF and keep hydrated

- Make friends

- Have the time of your life!!

Coming Home

- Make sure you get your flight time right. You know that really simple mistake where you think your flight is at 10 past but it's at 10 to so you end up sitting at the gate next door, feeling chilled until you try and get on the wrong plane, only to find out yours left 5 minutes ago... Cue one night sleeping on the airport floor, one very angry boyfriend, hundreds of pounds and finally a flight back, even if it's to a different airport in the UK. Okay that one was my bad. A mistake never to be made again, there's your warning guys!

- Keep a note of any fabulous hotels/restaurants/things to do so you can share them with people when you get back

- Sensor check your photos before they go anywhere near the internet

- Cure the holiday blues by jumping straight on to Travel Supermarket and booking another trip!!

Sunrise in Ibiza over the mountains

Ibiza Sunrise, 2011

Sunset in Ibiza over the sea

Ibiza Sunset, 2013

Swimming with Dolphins at Wet n Wild, Cancun

My ultimate dream come true
Swimming with Dolphins in Cancun, 2013

For some holiday tips from the experts, check out Travel Supermarket's blog.

What are your top tips to a perfect holiday? 

Love Lauren 

*in collaboration with Travel Supermarket


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