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Thursday, 25 February 2016

New Look Wishlist

Recently, I've been doing really well on my spending ban. Thanks to avoiding the shops like the plague and deactivating my 'shopping email address' from my phone (and yes, I do have a whole email address dedicated to online shopping and their pesky sales/deals/promotion newsletters), on the whole I've been pretty good.

Until this week when I had to pop out to buy some bedding for our new bed. Armed with my bedding, I left Debenhams and made a beeline for the exit, but my subconscious had other ideas and before I knew it I was in the door of New Look out of total habit. Honestly, not a conscious decision.

They're not silly New Look, their best pieces of course were in the front of the store pulling me in and once I was in, I was hooked. I wanted everything.

Their stock right now is amazing from bikinis to bomber jackets. Phoning a friend (literally) to distract myself, I managed to walk out with nothing but couldn't stop thinking about everything I saw in store that day so of course, what better way to online window shop than to write a wishlist.

New Look Wishlist February 2016
All photos are clickable so you can get filling up your baskets with this gorgeous stock straight away!

As the first hint of spring has arrived, for me that means time to start thinking about my summer wardrobe, because I am seriously not good at winter dressing, at all. I'm obsessed with swimwear and beach clothes so that was top of my list.

Stripes seem to be everywhere at the moment and I can't get enough of them!

If there's one thing New Look ALWAYS, does well, it's shoes. Affordable, beautiful and good quality, most of my shoes are from there and with this season's must haves, it doesn't look like their reign of my shoe drawers is going to stop anytime soon!

I am totally and completely obsessed with all of the jackets on the second row of the collage below. I think the khaki is going to be worth breaking my spending ban for, it's so beautiful! 

There's so much more I could have added to this list because genuinely, everything in New Look at the moment is perfect. I think this is going to be their season...

If anything is going to drag me out of my spending ban, it's going to be New Look, I think I might have to pop in and try a few bits on, you know, just in case!

Has anyone got any recent New Look hauls? I'd love to see what you're all buying!

Love Lauren xx



  1. New look shoes are always so good, and super comfy! I always get amazing heels from there! I think that first pair is going to be on my hit list for summer! XX

  2. i havent bought anything in NL for ages, but I'm really loving their early spring collection!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. I'm pretty sure I have a bit of an addiction to New Look, can't seem to leave without leaving with something I had no idea I needed. Love some of these items - especially the khaki jacket, its gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing

  4. Love a bit of New Look! So affordable even if you wore the clothes once you can't really go wrong. I LOVE the look of the pink criss cross swimming costume and the black ribbed dress. Definitely wouldn't be fitting myself into Petite though hahah xxx

  5. New look are amazing right now! I'm going in there today for some gym clothes! I am loving the stripes you've picked out here, gorgeous :D

    F x

  6. Oooo I'm now lusting over the asymmetrical skirt on the bottom row!

    Sophie |


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