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Monday, 18 January 2016

Interior Inspiration & 'Before' Photos: Lounge

If you haven't already guessed from my bombardment of all forms of social media, just before Christmas, Luke and I moved into our new home... FINALLY. 

When our original house fell through, I banned myself from pinning house related anything on Pinterest as I didn't want to jinx things second time round. Now we're in and living in a building site while we decorate EVERY single room (!!) at once, to create our dream home. 

Pinterest has been a god send for sourcing ideas and getting everything on one place so now, before the work is done, I wanted to share with everyone our inspiration and before photos in the hope that in a month of so I'll be able to share the finished product! 

Every day this week I'll be covering a different room of our house and up today, the lounge/living room/whatever you want to call it!

'Before' photo

My Pinterest board of inspiration for this room:

The theme for this room, and pretty much the whole house actually, is white and grey with lots of mirrored items. I love the simplicity of it and want to make the most of the light from the big Sash windows that I fell in love with when I first saw the house!

We've already ordered a corner sofa from John Lewis but I trusted Luke to pick the colour as I was at work which may be a mistake! We also now have the TV on the wall above the fireplace and we're having the floor stained 'distressed white' at the end of the month which will make the biggest change as it's very orange at the moment. 

I've put together a mood board of things I have bought/would like to buy to mirror my Pinterest board above. All the photos are clickable for you to check them out in more detail. 

This is the actual sofa we've ordered but I have no idea what colour it's coming in, apparently it's dark grey but we'll see! I want to cover it in pillows and throws to make it all snuggly. We also picked up a mirrored chest of drawers from a local garden centre which are absolutely gorgeous. Once the floor is stained white I think the room will definitely start looking how we want it. Can't wait to show you all!

Love Lauren xx



  1. Love the colours you have chosen! The furniture on snap chat looks gorgeous too! Can't wait to see it all finished xx

  2. grey is so trendy at the moment, I cant wait to see the result, all of these inspirations are amazing!!!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. I love the colours you've picked honey! flicking through my Pinterest, all of my home-inspired pins are the same colours, grey is so in right now!

    neeeed to follow you on Pinterest! I can't wait to see it finished :)

    kayla |


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