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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Beautiful But Affordable Workout Clothes & Accessories

Hopefully everyone who made New Years Resolutions to work out and keep fit it still going strong. I haven't been working out at much as I hoped since being ill/moving house/the weather dropping to Arctic temperatures. But, I'm determined to get back on the wagon, and what better motivator is cute work out clothes? For me, with workout clothes, the brighter and funkier the better. I feel like I can only pull off colour clashes and mixing patterns if it's gym wear.  

With the athleisurewear trend being absolutely massive at the moment, the range of options we have available has increased massively. I've searched the internet long and hard to find the very best of beautiful yet affordable work out clothes, because let's face it, we're all feeling January squeezing our bank accounts. As always with these posts, all the photos are clickable and go straight to the retailer for easy shopping for you! A lot of these items are currently in the sale though so get them while they're there!

Sports Jackets

With the temperature plummeting, if you're brave enough to head outside for your workouts, a sports jacket is exactly what you need. With great reductions on both the top two Nike options, they're both a perfect addition to your workout outfit.

Sports Bras

Since I had my breast augmentation, finding a good supportive sports bra is more important to me now than ever. I also don't wear bras any more but wear sports bras daily so I love finding new styles and unique patterns. The best brand I've ever come across is the Shock Absorber range. I wore the bottom right one as my surgery bra and it was amazingly supportive. Now when I work out I have to wear two sports bra's on top of each other and the one on top is ALWAYS a Shock Absorber. Highly recommend it to anyone with a big bust! Now I've just found they're both in the sale, I'll definitely be stocking up. 

Slogan Tops

There's something I've always loved about a slogan tee, particularly with amusing gym related phrases on. My Victoria's Secret 'I Hate Running' top is my go to option but these 8 are just as amazing, and a much more purse friendly price!

Sports Leggings

So far, I've never been brave enough to wear printed gym leggings, BUT I love them SO much. I mean come on, look at those cupcake ones!! I always thought printed gym leggings were really expensive but these options are completely affordable. I'm obsessed with the whole 'Squad Goals' thing at the moment the Missguided ones are definitely top of my wish list!


I love my shaping trainers so much but I do admit they are getting old, and they are quite boring. I constantly lust over beautiful bright coloured trainers with gorgeous patterns, and since looking for these, they're much more affordable than I thought. My favourites are the top two Nike trainers and seeing as they're both in the sale, I'm going to have to get them quickly! 


Because we need accessories to finish off out workout outfits... This headband is top of my 'to buy' list right now. The cold wind really hurts my ears, espeically when I have my hair up so I think I'd definitely be more inclined to run outdoors in this weather if I had one. It's also a great way of keeping your head warm. I'm currently using a 3kg Kettlebell to work out with but I wish I'd looked harder for a 4kg one as it's slightly too light. I also bought these light hand weights recently and I'm hoping as I get stronger I can buy ones heavier and heavier. The Pineapple weights are great for strapping to your arms and/or legs going out for a powerwalk, run or even just walking around the house to burn some extra calories. Last to be mentioned but by no means least, how amazing are these canvas bags. They're hilarious, I love them. 

So there's your entire workout outfit sorted! Please can I just have it all? 

If you have any go to websites for workout gear then share them below! See you all over on the hashtag #FitBunniesChat at 6pm every Sunday to talk about everything health and fitness. 

Love Lauren xx



  1. Loved this post Lauren, Primark do brilliant workout clothes as well so just a little heads up as they're great prices.

    Lovely post.

    Emma Louise xx

  2. Matalan also has some amazing fitness clothes on sale :p i bought a few, now I need to wear them and actually go to the gym :P
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. Ahh so much gymwear goodness! Those cupcake leggings are so cute! There's nothing like buying new gym clothes to get you motivated, or so I tell myself...! xxx

  4. I was skeptical since I couldn't feel the leggings but after reading good reviews I figured why not! Easily best workout clothes, So thick and Sooo comfy! Even better material then my Nike leggings! Go a size smaller though.


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