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Sunday, 20 December 2015

A Year in Career Guest Posts

In 2015, my Career Series was born and I couldn't be prouder of the inspirations women that have taken part so far. 

The reason I started the career series was to give everyone an insight of different jobs and industries, and hopefully inspire people who are either looking for career inspiration, to change jobs or just want to find out a little more about a certain industry. The questions asked included, a brief description of the role and industry, what an average day consists of, what qualifications/experience is needed, what the career progression is like, their best tip to crack the industry and also the best and worst things about their jobs. 

I know there are lot of posts on the series now so here's a round up of everyone who took part in 2015 with the link to their post. 

I'll definitely be looking for more career guest bloggers, either on their own career or something about the subject of work and careers so if you're interested and the topic isn't already listed above, please get in touch. 

Most importantly, thank you SO much to the wonderful ladies featured above, for taking the time to talk to everyone about their career. 

Wishing everyone the biggest success in their careers in 2016. 

Love Lauren xx



  1. These are amazing. I love reading about other people's careers. Definitely something I'd be interested in doing once I sort out my new career (or even if you wanted a "Why teaching wasn't the dream career I expected" post)

  2. This is cool. I'd so do this

  3. This is cool. I'd so do this


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