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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Career Guest Post; Working in Childcare as a Nursery Nurse

Name: Caitlin Jade


Industry: Childcare 

Job Title: Nursery Nurse 
(Under 2's)

Brief description of job role and industry

I work in a nursery which has children from the ages of 6 weeks to 4 years. I work in a private day nursery in the middle of a forest where I have to practically climb up a tree to get myself some 3G to check my twitter on my lunch...such commitment! We have about 76 children in total and it's a crazy place haha. We're all barking mad and we have a right old giggle. You've gotta be a tough old cookie because when your not feeling smart does a 1 year old give a toss? Do they chuff ha and they will not wait 10 minutes for you to get what they need...they want it NOW!

An average day consists of... 

Phwor, where do I start! I work in the baby room which is from 6 weeks to 2 years (what an age difference!) and it can certainly become hectic, especially mealtimes with spoons flying around the place and weetabix being massaged into the table...yum! There is usually 13 babies in the room each day and yes, we get to play but we have to teach them too! I love messy play with the children I'll use 5 cans of shaving foam and let them go wild, I swear I have as much fun as they do! Nappy time is one after another with a 20 minute time slot to get them all done..You have to be super quick! We have to dance like the people you see on Cbeebies (I'm better then them!) and I sing my little tone deaf heart out to twinkle twinkle (yes I have been told to 'shh' of a child before while singing!). Sleep time is heaven but not the bit before it where you have to get 13 to sleep at the same time..I'll challenge you guys to do it hehe ;). And somewhere in between all of that you have to fit in your observations, planning and photograph taking of all of the activities...yep all in under 9 hours!

Qualifications/experience required

For a job in childcare you need to have 5 GCSES A-C including maths and english! You can choose to study it at college doing your level 2 and level 3 which you will do placements in different settings. Once the two years are up you'll be fully qualified level 3 nursery nurse. I personally went down the apprenticeship route which all I needed was 5 GCSES A-C and then I was ready to begin working full time! After your two years you will also be a qualified level 3 nursery nurse! 

Career progression

Childcare can lead on to a lot you can go into a school or your can split sectors and do some additional training to become a children's nurse, you can become a speech and language therapist, social worker and you can work with children with additional needs.

Best tip to crack the industry

It's pretty easy to get into and lets face it, people are always going to need someone to take care of their children. There will always be jobs for people wanting to work with children!

Best thing about my job

Seeing that glitter in their eye when they learn something new, the bond you get with the children (I would seriously take some home if I could!). It's such a rewarding job, your being basically a second mother to these children and they depend on you. Seeing their excitement to try new things and friendships form it's so cute!

Worst thing about my job

I love responsibility but there is so much responsibility in childcare. You looking after 13 babies a day, someone child! You have to have a very mature head and learn pretty quickly what your doing...children dont have time for you to be slow ha! I think it's very frustrating when people say to me 'aw thats cute you get to play all day'...NO! not one bit! You should see the mountain of paperwork I have stacking up on a shelf at the moment!!!


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