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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Career Guest Post; Working as a Florist

Name: Kayla


Industry: Retail

Job Title: Flowershop Sales Assistant & Florist

Brief description of job role and industry:

Working both as a sales assistant and florist can be demanding at times because I'm constantly running back and too. But what job in the retail industry isn't demanding? There are lots of different things to do on a daily basis such as stock replenishment, completing arrangement orders, as well as dealing with customers needs as every customer is different. 

An average day consists of... 

My job is based around various shifts from starting at 6am, to as late as 2pm. The early shift consists of setting up the flower displays and horticulture section, watering all plants, checking and completing any customer orders we have that day and quality checking. The store opens up at 8am so that's when customers become priority. We're a pretty busy store so there's always a customer around with a query or a walk-in order. We can't always accept walk-in orders in situations where we are too busy, or they need something that I have yet to be taught how to do, which is unfortunate. 
Doing the late shift its more about cleaning, stock replenishment as well as keeping customers happy and completing any walk-in orders. You're always busy, there's always something to do.  

Qualifications/experience required:

My job role doesn't require any floristry qualifications, you learn along the way. I was taught to do normal hand tied bouquets and flat packs/sprays on my first day. Practice makes perfect, I practice different techniques everyday, different combinations of flowers/colours etc. I have since been shown how to create buttonholes and simple wedding bouquets. But I'm still learning everyday. 

Career progression:

There's always progression available in retail, from supervisors, to team managers, store managers. Where I am in floristry; I still have a long way to go, but it's fun learning new things all the time. There's always new techniques, different things you can do. That's why it's so fun. Everyday is a new challenge. Although it requires some sort of experience in retail or a customer service based industry. 

Best tip to crack the industry:

An open mind, creativity and passion are always 3 great things to have when working in a creative section of retail. Always be open to new ideas and challenges. A friendly smile goes a long way. 

Best thing about my job:

It's very creative, there's always a new challenge around the corner and it's very, very fun to do! Making a customers day by exceeding their expectations is always rewarding too. 

Worst thing about my job:

The company I work for don't offer actual training courses to have a qualification in floristry. We have one trained florist with qualifications who shows us the techniques and the rest is just practice and using a creative eye.



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