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Monday, 19 October 2015

Makeup Revolution Haul #2

Ever since they launched, Makeup Revolution has been a staple part of my makeup bag. From their huge range of products, high pigmentation and even better price, it's a brand I will always go back to and this month was no different. 

I've decided not to swatch anything on this post as most of he products have already been done a million times on other blogs but if anyone is interested in a swatch of anything featured, please let me know. 

The only product I was disappointed with (and the only product from Makeup Revultion I've been disappointed with ever!) is the eyeliner. I went to swatch it on my hand, and I am in no way at all heavy handed and the entire tip fell off and went all over my bedding - whoops! When I sharpened it, the same thing happened again so unfortunately I gave up and binned it!

But on to better things...

I now use every single one of these brushes every day. They're easy to use and wash, and with that price, how can you go wrong? From right to left, I use the eyeshadow brush for my base eyeshadow (you can find out what eyeshadow's I'm currently using below because they're all from the Affirmation palette!). Next up is the blending brush but I actually use it to blend in my High Beam highlighter into the top of the contour. The contour eyeshadow brush is my absolute favourite as I wear a big black smokey eye every day. It's perfect for blending through into the base eyeshadow colour. 

Next up is the Pro curve contour and highlighting brush. This brush is the perfect shape for a contour as it fits to the hollows of cheeks perfectly. I usually apply my contour first of all with this brush then blend it in with the stippling brush I've used for my foundation. 

Last up is the contour brush but I find the bristles too lose for the precision contouring needs. I use this brush for my HD powder to keep my makeup in place and it does the job perfectly. 

Overall on the brush front, a perfect buy on all counts!

Next on my wish list was a highlighter from the beautiful blushing hearts range. I did have a bit of trouble decided on a colour and I think I may have gone for the wrong one for me as it's quite yellow and I'd prefer something more brown. However, the pigmentation, as always with make up revolution is wonderful and the product is very build-able giving a lovely glow to the skin. 

Looking back, I should have ordered the Goddess of Love one, which you can find here. I still love the product and another shade will be the top of my next wish list!

The Protection palette was the only item of this haul which was an impulse buy. I've been lusting after the other products for months but I found this one as I was having a browse. I have to admit that I use it way way way more than I even expected. With three cream concealers, a setting powder, bronzer, blusher and highlight, this palette is the perfect all-in-one. It's a staple in my handbag and is perfect for topping up my makeup during the day. 

Like myself, I'm sure everyone has seen a million reviews of this product. After reading so many glowing comments, I knew this palette would be at the top of my to-buy list. The shades are extremely highly pigmented, you literally only need a tiny touch of a brush to get a beautiful coverage. I haven't quite found the right way to use the shade top right but it's just so pretty to look at!!

If all of these shades were in crayons or sticks (like the blush stick but thinner) they would be my ultimate favourite products ever. I'll be holding out hope until they're made! 

Saving the best until last, the Affirmation palette. 32 shades of pigmented goodness. I now don't go a single day without playing with the shades of this palette. I've already hit the pan on the Declare shade (obviously, because it's black!!). My most used and most loved shades are Rely, Disclose, State and Declare. If you love a smokey eye as much as I do, you NEED this product in your life. 

Overall, I'm extremely happy with my Makeup Revolution purchases. I'm already creating a wishlist for my new order, which will definitely include their new brushes! 

I'm also holding out hope for cream contour...

Send me links to our favourite Makeup Revolution purchases. 

Love Lauren xx


  1. beautiful items you chose, the heart blushers/highlighters are all so pretty! I want them all, especially as I've not tried any makeup revolution items!

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Every time they ask what products to launch next I ask them for cream contour palette. One day it will happen I'm sure.
    My favourite Makeup revolution product right now has to be the New-trals v neutrals eyeshadow palette. It's amazing!

  3. Revolution are the one brand that make sticking to my current makeup ban incredibly difficult and reading this is making it incredibly tempting to break and do a massive shopping spree. Damn it!

  4. I have been wanting to try Makeup Rev brushes for a while but didn't want to jump in until I seen some reviews! I love this brand myself! I now want to go and shop! Thanks!! :') Xx

  5. I think I want everything - I've never seen so many beautiful products in one photograph!



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