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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Career Guest Post; Working as a Student Note Taker

Name: Hannah Delacour


Industry: Education

Job Title: Student Note Taker

Brief description of job role and industry 

My job role involves acting as a member of University of London's Educational Support facilities, whereby I, along other students, aid our peers along with their studies. As some students suffer form disabilities that effect their ability to record notes during lectures/seminars/workshops etc. It is my job to attend their scheduled classes with them, write a transcript of what's discussed, and develop a summarised set of notes.

An average day consists of... 

I work on a zero-hour contract as obviously I can only work during times that suit other people's schedules; so I don't really have an 'average day'. Nevertheless, on a day where I do have a lecture to attend, I first meet with the student I will be writing the notes for - where we go over anything they'd like to be particularly covered and/or ignored or linked back - and just to check that they're finding the notes that I'm developing are sufficient enough for their needs, and most importantly, that suit their learning style. I then go away with a full transcript of the lecture and an audio recording, where I then go over and restructure everything so that it meets the order of the used power point slides clearly. My spelling can also prove terrible too when I'm typing in a rush so I always appreciate this time to clear those up before sending them off!

Qualifications/experience required 

As I am only a student note taker, I didn't need any qualifications to work in this role. However, I did need customer service experience which luckily I had quite a lot of in a variety of different settings. If I follow this as a career path though, I understand that there are a variety of qualifications that need to be met. I haven't yet looked into these as I'm still unable to drive which is pretty much a necessity if you're needed from university from university!

Best thing about my job 

The best thing about my job is the variety of new people I get to meet. Sometimes it's quite easy to struggle to find friends and speak to people outside of your own department, especially when you're not living in university accommodation. As a result of my job, I have greatly enjoyed getting to know people from across the university community. I also get to experience and learn about other subject's content too which is always great! (apart from when it gets more interesting than my own haha!)

Worst thing about my job 

The worst thing about my job is the responsibility I think. Whilst I absolutely love the responsibility the role brings, my notes could greatly effect a student's understanding of the lecture's content both positively and negatively. I always try to ensure I do my best, which then means that I end up putting myself under hours long of stress and pressure, but it's always worth it when I hear that the person on the receiving end has found the notes helpful and useful!


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