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Friday, 18 September 2015

Payday Wishlist

It's been a really really long time since I did a wishlist post - I think the last one I did was about January! Having changed jobs, I'm on a much better salary and my list of things to buy on payday is growing by the minute so what better time to share!

Computer Hard Drive / Phone Memory Card / Daisy London Chakra Bracelet / Sleep in Rollers / Nars Sheer Glow / A Halloween Costume / Snuggly PJs / Aspinal of London / Flat Winter Boots / Phone Cases / Mother Clucker Dinner

External storage

This is something I'm in desperate need of for both my phone and laptop. My laptop is near to exploding with all the high res images I have on there so I need to get an external drive to keep everything on! 

I also completely broke my old phone thanks to the 8000+ photos on there and I'm determined for that not to happen again so I'm planning to buy a massive memory card and also upload them all to the hard drive. It's also another way to back everything up just in case *god forbid* I loose my phone!! touch wood touch wood touch wood...

Micro SD memory card for my new Samsung S6 - link 
Hard drive which doesn't break the bank -  link

Daisy London Chakra Bracelet 

I have recently come across the beautiful brand that is Daisy London and their stunning Chakra bracelets, seen on many celebs and fashionista's around the world. I love the concept of all of their jewellery and after a toss up between the Chakra bracelet and the Good Karma one, the piece on my ultimate wishlist is the Chakra option. 

"Channel your spiritual energy with the Daisy London Chakra Nuit bracelet. Each Chakra symbol sits on both a slender chain and coloured cord for a contemporary twist on the spiritual bracelet."

My favourite is the green and silver heart Chakra bracelet, described by Daisy London as, 

"Love. Compassion. Altruism.
In yogic traditions, the Chakras are the manifestations of spiritual energies on the physical level, responsible for well-being and a happy, healthy life. The Chakra bracelets are items of jewellery designed to balance your Chakras and ensure your life force and vital energy.

The Daisy London silver Heart Chakra Nuit bracelet is designed to serenely balance your Heart Chakra. The Heart Chakra is emotionally connected with Love, Self-Control and Forgiveness. The Chakra Nuit bracelet combines cord and chain to create a fresh addition to the Chakra family."

You can buy yours here

Sleep in Rollers

Since my beloved ProBlo set completely broke on me (all the piece came unglued which I was not impressed at - at all), I've been looking for another way to juzsh up my hair and try to reduce the flat as a pancake look. 

I've seen Sleep in Rollers absolutely everywhere and it's always been one of the those products I've meant to buy but never actually got around to it, but now is time. 

You can buy yours here

Nars Sheer Glow

Another product that has made it on to numerous wishlists of mine is the Nars Sheer Glow foundation. I currently use Healthy Mix, which I'm in love with but I do feel like I need a change and Sheer Glow is one which has been recommended to me time and time again. I absolutely swear, this month, I am buying it! Look out for the review soon. 

You can buy yours here

Halloween Costume 

And so it begins, my favourite time(s) of the year is coming up and it excites me ridiculous amounts! I love any excuse to dress up so Halloween is the ultimate excuse. Particularly this year as it falls on a Saturday night! I'm sure there will be outfit posts come the end of October!

Snuggly PJs

Since the weather has turned for the worse, all I want to do when I come home from work is get changed into the most comfy, cosy, snuggly PJs ever. Primarni is usually the Queen of PJs but the Next and M&S ranges are gorgeous at the moment. These bunny PJs are just the cutest...

You can buy them here

Aspinal of London Oyster Card Holder

After using it every day, my Oyster card holder is battered and bruised, and unfortunately died a death this week and completely fell apart. I wanted to treat myself to a pretty one to replace it and this one is just perfect...

You can buy it here

Flat Winter Boots

After spending a small fortune on beautiful sandals and summer shoes on Shoeaholics last month, I didn't actually consider that the weather in September was going to be awful (I was determined for a beautiful start to Autumn) and I now have not a single pair of weather appropriate shoes. 

These boots are from Aldo and a will be a perfect addition to my winter wardrobe! 

You can buy them here

Phone cases

If you know me well, you'll know I've been battling with a broken phone for well over a year now, and this week was finally time for an upgrade! After much persuasion from my technology obsessed little brother, I got the Samsung S6 as in his words 'there's genuinely no better phone' and I have to say I think I agree with him. I love my phone SO much. 

But, last time I had a new phone, it lasted 3 days before being smashed to pieces so this time I'm absolutely determined to properly look after this one. Which means, unfortunately a big fat wrap around case. 

I've always had quite obscure phones so have never really found any phone cases that interested me... until now. After a quick Amazon search I found these beautiful ones. I want all four of them!! I found these in my first quick search so I can see that I'll be stocking up on a case a day no doubt! 

You can buy them here

Mother Clucker

My obsession with street food began earlier this year when my clients all of a sudden wanted loads of street food at their events. Cue a LOT of food tastings - I'm not complaining! One vendor I've wanted to try for SO SO long is Mother Clucker. Fried chicken is my absolute junk food favourite and as I've heard, no one does it better than them. 

Jenny and I have decided have our annual dinner date there in a few weeks time and I'm beyond excited. I'll defintiely be reviewing our visit. 

You can find out more about Mother Clucker here.

Look out for an update of everything I treated myself to on payday - although it is Luke's birthday which of course comes first... maybe.

What's on your payday wishlist? 

Love Lauren xx


  1. I'm also building my Autumn wardrobe and I agree, those boots are perfect!

    Pam to/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. I love my Nars Sheer Glow foundation, it does have more coverage compared to the Bourjois one but it is perfect for a/w! Im in need of some flat winter boots too x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave | My YouTube

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. I love this post - such a lovely idea.

    I had sleep in rollers, but I bought cheap ones and they were horribly uncomfortable! I LOVE the phone cases.

    Hannah xx

  5. You definitely need Nars Sheer Glow! I was exactly the same, it was always on my wishlist until I caved this summer and bought it.
    Charlotte | x


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