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Friday, 25 September 2015

Career Guest Post; Working as a Sale Administrator

Name: Menellia Valcent


Industry: Technological & Office Sales

Job Title: Sales Administrator (Administrative Assistant to the Sales Department)

Brief description of job role and industry:

The industry I work in is Sales of technological equipment mainly Xerox Equipment & Software, Lenovo Computers and HP Servers here in Saint Lucia ( small Caribbean Island) as well as office supplies and stationery.. My role is to be the administrative assistant to the managers of the sales department and the department on whole. I am responsible for generating daily and monthly reports as per the assigned quota and budgets, schedule department meetings , processing orders placed via our website and a little or should I say a bit more out of the box.

I am also sometimes an in house sales rep to smaller companies and walk in customers, preparing proposals, answering questions and ensuring that the best customer service is provided leaving every customer I assist satisfied. A bit more out of the box – Sometimes if not more than often I liaise with our suppliers, to ensure that we are on par with our company’s ordering and stipulated target on behalf of the manager, as well as to stay on the trend of equipment (relating to laptops & computers). You will be amazed how often these are improved.

An average day consists of... 

An average day .. if only.. My days are usually extensive..First thing on mornings, I run the reports to compare and track where the sales reps and the department are based on their assigned vs achieved sales for the month. ( But I do this AFTER coffee of course.)

On most days, I do a lot of customer service. When a customer places an order on our website, before it goes to our processing “platform” I have to “batch invoice it” so that the department fulfilling the orders can access it. If that is not done.. well.. the customer won’t get their order. In addition to that I am answering quite a few calls.

In my industry  I also doing weekly webinars to learn about new products via our manufactures partnernet portals. Even though I am not technically a sales rep, I still need to do the courses and get certified. Currently I am a Xerox Certified Sales Professional– Emerald Level

Qualifications/experience required:

Qualifications – at least an A’level certificate or associates degree. Experience at least 3 years.

Career progression:

When I joined this industry I knew absolutely nothing about sales. My first job was an admin assistant for a Agri consulting firm & I had to learn everything from scratch.. When I transitioned to sales I had to do the same thing again.. but that’s the beauty of it..I am always open and willing to learn and grow and being in this industry has definitely opened me up to new skills, new programs, and a new way of thinking..

I started as an admin assistant just answering customer calls and scheduling meetings. Now I am responsible for so much more..
-      I am now liaising with suppliers ( something only the managers would do

-      I am generating sales reports to compare quotas vs sale (same as above)

-      I am ensuring that margins, and prices maintained for products in our system are accurate (same as above)

-      And the most fun part I am calculating commissions for reps J

The fact that I am constantly exposed to something new, gives me the drive to keep learning and keep wanting to climb the ladder. I completed a Professional Supervisory Management course with the university here and was told  “we need to make sure we are giving you roles to direct you in the path you want to take in life” and all the above roles came roles came after. Oh and I forgot I now have my own office as appose to a cubicle (not really a cubicle more like a desk in an open

Best tip to crack the industry:

Here’s  a secret.. I never did a thing business related until I started working 7 years ago. I have a science background (hardcore physics, chemistry, biology and even agriculture (hence my first job), but when I started that first job, I had to immerse myself in the business aspect of it. And I had to learn new things.

My tip: Have the will to learn. Don’t be afraid of trying and possibly failing. I think most persons are turned off from applying for jobs/roles when they realize the list and list of qualifications needed. My personal opinion, is that it’s just a way of testing you. Even if you do not have all the required qualifications. Do a quick pros vs cons sheet and then decide if you should apply or not. And if you decide against it.. work on what you lack. Take a short course which will propel you to where you want to be. Because at the end of the day,if you really want to succeed, IT’S UP TO YOU!!

Best thing about my job:

Getting called the manager sometimes.. lol. Just kidding..But that is fun too..

When my department meets their quota & when a customer gives me a great referral because of great customer service I provided them. It’s really heartwarming and it reminds me that I am doing a great thing!!

Worst thing about my job:

Ooo.. dealing with different people.. Everyone has different characteristic and some of them can be realllly difficult, and that sometimes give me a hinge of giving up.. But 100% of the time.. I win. I think I have learned the ropes around handling the difficult ones.


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