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Monday, 24 August 2015

Things That Annoy Me About The Airport

I'm not really very good at dealing with people in public places, and people are the airport, are the epitome of everything I hate about people in public. Even typing this I can feel nails on a blackboard scratching through my brain. 

However, my dislike for dealing with this situation is squished by my love for being abroad and my need to work abroad so I just have to put up with it until I'm rich enough for a jet...

Here's my things that annoy me most about the airport (which is obviously not an exhaustive list because I will be here forever).

1. You check in online because you're organised and because you're meant to, to make it quicker when you get to the airport to just 'drop your bags' right? Wrong. You still have to join a gigantic 'bag drop' queue, there's still a whole heap of people in your 'bag drop' queue who haven't bothered to check in online, and even when you get to the desk, they still take exactly as long to do their job as it would if you didn't check in online. Waste of time number one. 

2. Next up is security. Obviously we all know the importance of security, and there's always a queue, but in my opinion, most of the time it isn't caused by the staff being negligent or not doing their job efficiently. It's caused by the absolute moronic people who do one (or more) of the following:
  • They don't understand you need to take liquids out of your bag - people cannot SURELY still be pleading ignorance on this one
  • They don't understand you can't just have a gigantic clear make up bag full of products over 100ml. There is a limit for a reason
  • They scream and cause a massive hissy fit when their (over 100ml) products get confiscated at security. Shout out to all those people thinking they're clever stuffing their hand luggage with heavy bottle of products only for them to be confiscated
  • They look shocked if they're asked to empty their pockets of change, mobile phones, whatever else they have stored there. Duh. 
  • They make a fuss about taking off their shoes. Yes it's inconvenient, and a bit gross, but I guess they missed the news when the shoe bomber fiasco happened.
  • They take too long sorting out any of the above. It holds everyone up and they don't even notice. 
I think all staff members at security need a medal because I almost lose it every single time I endure this process, let along doing it all day every day. They must have the patience of a Saint because I genuinely cannot believe how ignorant some people are.

3. So you're through security, look at the board and get that sick feeling. DELAYED. Now for me, that's not the most annoying bit. I have an issue with the fact that firstly, there's not enough seats in the airport, and secondly, they are NOT comfy. Having been delayed 13.5 hours before, and having slept at the airport due to accidentally missing our flight, there aren't many surfaces less comfy than airport seats. I swear they do it on purpose to make you either sit in the restaurant/bars or shop. 

4. Another point on the delayed flight front. If you're one of the last flights of the day, and you're delayed, the whole entire airport shuts. If you want to eat, it's basically tough. Our Ibiza flight was delayed once and literally everything was shut, the airport was silent except for the cleaners and everyone was in the most horrendous mood. Not a great start to he holiday so cheers Gatwick for that one. 

5. Shout out to Barcelona airport on this one. I HATE airports that don't make boarding calls, or most importantly last boarding calls. Thanks to this absolutely ridiculous rule, I managed to miss my flight back from Barcelona. And not because I was sitting in the bar (I wish), I was actually sitting a few gates down, at another BA gate ready for a flight going to London Heathrow. Unfortunately it just wasn't my flight...

6. You know when you arrive at the gate to a load of people queueing for the sake of a queue. Okay anyone flying on Ryan Air and that don't have seats reserved, I kinda get it, but even EasyJet allocate seats now. Sit down. We're all getting on the plane. The worst thing is people making the choice to queue when no one has been called, then moaning about queueing. I think it's a British thing.  

7. You queue to get your passport scanned, queue to get on the plane, then you're queueing just to sit down because people think it's okay to stand in the aisle and faff. SO MUCH FAFFING. 

8. Also holding up the entire plane and stopping everyone from sitting down are the people trying to shove their humongous hand luggage in the overhead when it's clearly not going to fit. Sorry you're too stingy to pay for a suitcase like the rest of us. So then the cabin crew arrive and say they'll put it in the hold and everything kicks off again.

9. So you've finally sat down and got comfy and there's a big commotion because someone wants to change seats. This is how it works, if you want to sit together, you usually have to pay for the privilege. These people clearly haven't. Most likely the same person who doesn't check in online, tries to bring liquids in their hand luggage and hasn't paid for a suitcase. It's all kind of awkward when someone is standing over you in a confined space asking you to move seats. Maybe you like your seat, maybe you don't want to move. But usually I'm polite enough to move, then I'll probably spend the rest of the flight seething. 

10. Okay I know everyone's reaction to this will be 'wait until you have children of your own' BUT parents that full on ignore their misbehaving children on a plane drives me nuts. Do what you want once you're on holiday but whilst you're still in a confined space, for the love of god please keep them under control/quiet. Thinking back to flight a few years ago where a couple left their 3 children in a row to themselves, gave them all the sweets in the world and ignored them for the whole flight, only one of the kids to throw up all over the floor, which rolled back into our row, sitting behind and completely ruined my brother's shoes. Their mum threw a £20.00 note at my brother and he had to spend the rest of the day in his socks...

11. and it's not just the children... Badly behaved adults are actually worse. No need to expand on the horrendous behaviour I've seen on my many flights to and from Ibiza. Needless to say I feel massively sorry for the cabin crew!

12. Awkwardly sitting next to the couple taking soppy selfies the whole way. Gross. Get a room. 

13. Generally just being stuck in a confined space with a bunch of annoying strangers is annoying - particularly on a long flight. 

14. Okay so plane food has got marginally better over the years but it still looks like it's come from a can most of the time. Then anything you buy onboard is a ridiculous price. I miss the days of flying Virgin and having a chocolate fridge at the back where you could just help yourself... those were the days. 

15. People who fight to get off the plane first drive me absolutely nuts. Sit down, the doors aren't even open yet. Your luggage is not going to be there. You're still going to have to queue at passport. It won't make the cabin crew move any faster to open the door! 

16. So after all the fighting to get off the plane, we're all standing there awkwardly waiting for our luggage. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Unless you're flying to a tiny airport (shout out to Reus - our luggage was waiting before we  even stepped on Spanish ground) you will be waiting a long long long time, but as long as your luggage actually turns up, I guess we have nothing to complain about

17. The awful feeling that some way, some how, the most annoying person on your plane is going to be staying at the same hotel. Please god, no!

18. Knowing in XX amount of days you have to go through it all again but in a depressed/sunburnt/hungover/tired/grumpy state

Happy Holidaying!!

Love Lauren xx



  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. haha I know! I keep thinking of things I should have added too! I literally have 0 patience at the airport for annoying people xx

  2. Hahahaha. This is so perfect, especially considering the amount of long haul flights I did this month. The queuing one is weird because I don't usually queue for flights around Canada, but flight to the UK FROM Canada always have a queue way before boarding. I'll arrive at a Canadian airport to catch my flight back to London and be like "hmmm where are the British people? Oh, there they are."

    Also if you think regular plane food is bad, you should try the gluten free option! Air Transat's gluten free "snack" is 2 soggy rice cakes with a slice of ham in the middle. Not even kidding.

    Aisling | aisybee.

    1. haha definite a British thing. I don't know why everyone just loves to queue so much!

      Definitely don't envy your GF food options either! xx

  3. Ah I love this! Haha!
    I had such a chuckle at it! 😂

    1. Glad you liked it!! I get so irate with annoying people at the airport!! xx

  4. Haha, so agree with most of these!!! Especially the faffing in the aisle - just sit down already. I always take a small handluggage bag that can easily just go under the seat - so much easier.

    However, with fighting to get off the plane first, remember some people have to get transfers and might have a very short transfer time! This has happened to be a couple of times when flying back to Australia and it's literally the most stressful feeling in the world being stuck on a plane and knowing you might miss your transfer because the airline is stupid enough to give you an insanely tight transfer time!

    Also, I once had some bitch sit in my seat and then turn around and tell me she sat in it because that's where she wanted to sit. My reaction was 'I've paid £800 for this flight and I checked in early to get this exact fuck off' needless to say the cabin crew made her move to her own seat, lol!

    C x | Lux Life

  5. This post has made my day and made me realise that people at the airport are SO strange! Makes it even more worthwhile to get to the beach (and the bar)!!

    Char xo ||


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