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Monday, 24 August 2015

Things That Annoy Me About The Airport

I'm not really very good at dealing with people in public places, and people are the airport, are the epitome of everything I hate about people in public. Even typing this I can feel nails on a blackboard scratching through my brain. 

However, my dislike for dealing with this situation is squished by my love for being abroad and my need to work abroad so I just have to put up with it until I'm rich enough for a jet...


Friday, 21 August 2015

Career Guest Post; Working in Creative - Advertising

Name: Laura


Industry: Advertising

Job Title: Junior Creative 

Brief description of job role and industry

I am a junior creative, which means I'm given a brief for an advert or campaign and it's my job to come up with the creative concept/ideas behind it. Something quite unique about the industry is that it's common for advertising agencies to hire teams. I work with my creative partner who I met at uni, I do more of the art direction and 
he handles more of the copy work, however we're more fluid in the roles than is traditional and both do a little of each.

An average day consists of... 

If I'm not being briefed on a new project, I'm usually scrawling ideas in a sketch book or having a team brain storm with my creative partner. We usually spend a few hours mind mapping separately before coming together to discuss, develop and throw away ideas. There's always a few "WHAT where you thinking?!" moments, but learning to be honest with each other and to be able to take harsh criticism is crucial in the studio. We spend a lot of time presenting ideas to the creative director and other senior figures, then developing the projects from there. We also spend a lot of time looking at inspirational work, whether it be films, TV, pieces of art or even browsing pinterest... it's important to keep our knowledge varied and current in order to produce clever ideas.

Career progression

Although not required, most people study a relevant degree before entering the industry. Entry level is junior creative, but usually you'll need industry experience of 6 months to a year before becoming a junior. After that you would progress to midweight creative, then senior creative, before becoming a creative director.

The levels vary depending on the agency (or even in house advertising), and often you need to change jobs in order to move up the levels. There is no set age or length of time required for moving up the levels, it all depends on your level of experience and your portfolio.

Qualifications/experience required

There are no official qualifications required, as agencies will offer internships/hire based on your portfolio and experience. I found studying Advertising really helped me to be a better creative, to know what constitutes a good/bad idea, and to learn to handle criticism on my work. As creativity is such a subjective thing, you'll often find that what one person loves, another will hate, so just because one person or agency doesn't "get" your work, doesn't mean you won't succeed.
Another thing to mention, I've never once been asked to submit a CV for a role I've applied for. Everything is based on the strength of your portfolio. I've also never been asked for my university grade, so studying a creative degree really is more about learning practical skills to get you industry ready as oppose to achieving a certain grade.

Best tip to crack the industry

Be realistic. The one thing university didn't prepare me for was the reality of the industry. It's a hard industry to break into and unfortunately one that is rife with unpaid placements, internships, etc. The reality is you're probably going to do a lot of work for nothing (or barely anything) before you're hired. If people are positive towards your work and you're passionate about the industry, it's something worth pursuing... once you break into the role it's amazing. 

Best thing about my job

Every day is unique. Due to the variety of clients, I can go from brainstorming ideas about Ann Summers' latest vibrators, to deciding what the cartoon man from The Car People adverts is going to get up to next. New briefs come in all the time, so it's fast paced but it means I'm never doing the same thing two days in a row. I get to have fun with my work and I work with one of my close friends. The best best thing though? Seeing an advert you've created go live!

Worst thing about my job
Due to its nature, and the way creativity works, some days I'll sit and rack my brains for hours and get nothing. Then other days, I'll get an idea in the first half hour. There's nothing more frustrating than pouring over a brief and getting no ideas (or ideas that belong at the bottom of the bin), but there's also nothing better than finally cracking something with an idea you're proud of.


Thursday, 20 August 2015

Career Series; Working as a Copy Writer and Social Media Consultant

Name: Carly Bennett

Blog: (books) and (beauty + lifestyle)

Industry: Creative

Job Title: Copy Writer and Social Media Consultant

Brief description of job role and industry

I write copy and create social media content for brands. The copy includes anything from blog posts to newsletters, web copy and press releases, and the social media side of things includes social media content, channel set up, editorial calendars, account management and the occasional dash of graphic design.

An average day consists of: 

One of the best things about my job is that every single day is different, as I have ten or so regular clients, which means Im always working on something different, but I stick to the same rough schedule every day:

8.30am (after sending my boyfriend off to work and taking my dog for a walk through the village): Start work and have a quick read through my to do list, as well as checking my emails in case any urgent work has come in overnight. A few of my clients are based abroad so I get emails round the clock because of time differences!

9am - 12.30pm: My morning session. In this block of time I usually write up two or three articles and draft a weeks worth of social media content for whichever clients Im working with that day. I try to focus on two or three clients each day so they can get my full attention.

12.30 - 1.30pm: Lunch, which usually involves ten minutes for lunch and fifty minutes for Netflix Ah, the merits of being your own boss.

1.30pm - 5pm: My afternoon session, where Ill finish off my to do list for the day (usually another two or three articles) and then use any leftover time to work my way through the never-ending stack of admin! Where does it all come from?!

5-5.30pm: In my last half an hour I write up my to do list for the next day and reply to any urgent emails that have come in throughout the day.

Some days I find myself working until 10pm at night, some weekends are taken over by work but, on the whole, this is how I spend my working days.

Career progression

When I first set up my business I was focusing purely on copy writing (as I come from a writing background) but gradually I was contacted about the social media side of things, so I started to add that into the services I offer. I try to keep evolving with the industry, so Im shortly going to start offering training courses and ebooks, as well as a few other bits and bobs.

I also started off freelancing part time as a copy writer and working in an office part time. Eventually I got the point where I was in a position to leave my office job and work for myself full time so I took the plunge about eighteen months ago - so I guess that was the biggest moment of progression so far!

Qualifications/experience required

You dont need any particular qualifications to set up a business but its definitely handy to have some business knowledge. I studied Business Studies for A-level and it was also my minor at university, which has really helped me out with setting up a company and handling the financial/legal side of things.

Aside from that, I have a degree in Creative Writing, which was obviously integral to becoming a full time writer as it taught me so much about the industry. That said, I havent had a single client ever ask about my qualifications, so theyre certainly not essential!

Best tip to crack the industry

Dont set your focus on one area of business. Working for yourself is tough and, while copy writing isnt so competitive, social media can be, so dont limit yourself by thinking I only want to write about beauty so I wont accept anything else.

I started off writing about gadgets, crafts, cars and I even had to write a 1500 word case study about copper wiring However, those commissions all led onto other jobs and I now write about a whole host of different industries, including travel, tech, dressage, web design and beauty. If Id only focused on one highly competitive area of the market I doubt Id have as strong a client base as I do today.

Also, be smart about money! Running your own business is more empowering and rewarding than anything, but youll probably be skint for a very long time and work can be irregular, so you need to save when you can and stick to a budget.

Best thing about my job

It gives me the freedom to work the way I want to and live my life on my own terms. Im not working on anybody elses schedule and if I want some time to work on a new project I can. Im branching out and launching a motivational and wellness business later in the year (to run alongside my current business), and if I didnt have the freedom of my current job theres no way Id be able to try new things like that.

Worst thing about my job

The lack of security. A client can end a contract at a moments notice and you can never count any job as permanent, so youre never 100% secure when it comes to finances. You wont ever get sick pay, holiday pay or a Christmas bonus, and there are things like pensions and taxes to navigate as well.

Also, its really hard to switch off when you work from home. Although I officially finish at 5.30pm I often get urgent jobs in the evenings or at weekends, so Im pretty much always attached to my emails and refreshing various client accounts to check everythings ticking along okay and there hasnt been a social media meltdown on a channel I manage!


Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Career Guest Post; Interview Appropriate Fashion & Beauty

Being asked to a job interview is a scary time in anyone’s life, and there are plenty of guides and tips out there to help you to prepare for these interviews, giving you information on how to get your skills out there and telling you to arrive on time, but very few guides will go in to great detail about what to wear past telling you to wear ‘smart or business wear’. 

Hopefully these two outfit and beauty look creations will help you in this department. Whilst few will admit it, and it’s certainly not the best thing to preach, people do make assumptions about you and a large portion of their first impression of you is based on how you look and how you present yourselves – so make it a good impression!

For the first look I put together, I wanted to keep it quite demure and not as stand out as my second outfit choice, keeping the colours darker and an overall more sophisticated look. I really like the Topshop dress in this almost plum colour, especially with the slit sleeves and it gives the smart dress a different edge. I also paired it with a simple black blazer, a staple for any interview-attending person! I chose to go with cream shoes, as, although an odd choice, will stop the outfit from being all one colour, with not too high a heel and in a fairly simple design. They tie in really nicely with the New Look bag in cream and black, which is incredibly smart as well as having plenty of space for all those essentials you will need like passports, CVs and references for those interviews. 

For jewellery, I thought a watch would look really good with this look, as it’s more of a business look, but I wanted to put a bit of personality and mystery in the necklace, so I went for this birds necklace from Boohoo, tying in the gold with the gold buckling on the bag. 

I wanted to keep the makeup look really simple on this too, by going for a cream blush to allow for easy blending and to give a glow to your cheeks. I also went for a pale pink nail varnish colour, which can look really good with any skin tone and isn’t a distraction. I went for a brighter lipstick to stop the makeup look looking too boring, as a completely nude look, I felt, would make the shoes and nail polish look too washed out against the dark colours of the outfit, so I went for a red lipstick to tie it all together. I went for the Estee Lauder Pure Rouge lipstick as it isn’t as pigmented as other red lipsticks, and is really moisturising too to give a sophisticated look.

The second outfit I went for was a much more elegant and bright outfit, which I think would work really well if you are going for an interview with a relaxed environment or if you want to brighten up your look. I wanted to keep the dress really simple again, this time going for a wrap-around look dress in cream, with a copper belt. I really like the flowing material on the side of the skirt of the dress as it gives something interesting to the design, and can be a very slimming feature, making this outfit perfect for plus size women like me too! I think blue and white is a really nice colour combination, and incredibly elegant, so I went for a waterfall blazer from New Look, which with a big collar can distract from a larger bust or give an accentuated shape to a smaller bust. I also went for blue running through the shoes and the accessories, choosing these gorgeous shoes from Debenhams, which are perfect for an interview in the summer, and with a mid-low heel are also very easy to walk in and good to wear all day without getting sore feet (if you’re rubbish in heels like I am). 

I brought the blue through into the ring, choosing quite a statement ring as I was wanting to keep the necklace and makeup simple. I kept the gold theme going into the necklace, which I think works really well with the copper on the belt and the bag in just a simple shape. I went for a brown bag to give more of a smart, business feel to the outfit and to break up the colours a little. Whilst this bag is beautiful, as all Marc Jacobs bags are, it’s incredibly pricey at £200, especially if you are going to interviews for the first time, but there is a fantastic range of brown satchel bags that I’m loving at the moment from the Cambridge Satchel Company and in New Look. 

For the makeup, unlike in my first outfit, I wanted to keep the look very nude, as I don’t think such bright makeup would look good with the light clothing. I wanted to use a bronzer in this look as I think it would look better with the white clothing, as opposed to a pink or orange toned blush, so I went for the No7 Mosaics blush, which has just a small hint of pink to life the bronze. I also went for a subtle pink in the lipstick, going for the Maybelline Superstay lipstick, which is really smooth. I kept the eyeshadow along the theme of the bronzed pink tones, going for the nude quad from Rimmel London – the range of quads which I’m loving at the moment!

Despite what many may think, going to a job interview doesn't mean you have to dress in all black or grey and wear no makeup! Let your personality shine through too, give it some colour and put on a smile – if nothing else, at least you will stick in the interviewers mind. Happy job hunting!
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Instagram: rachhmckenzie


Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Career Guest Post; Working in HR

Name: Jenny Watkins


Industry: Human Resources

Job Title: Human Resources Administrator

Brief description of job role and industry

Human Resources (HR) is the area of a business which focuses on all issues related to people. This includes recruitment, performance management, employee wellness, employee benefits, learning and development and training.

My job role involves:

-      Drafting and sending offer letters and contracts

-    Organising new employees start dates and coordinating their first week inductions

-      Dealing with any employment changes i.e. transfers, changes in hours, terminations

-      Managing employee files

-      Providing references

-      Tracking employee evaluation/ probation reviews

-      Responding to employee queries on all areas of HR

-      Managing employee benefits

An average day consists of...

My days are very busy from start to finish. We are an organisation which is constantly growing and we have new starters almost every week at the moment. I spend a lot of my time getting everything set up for the new starters and meeting and greeting on their first day. I provide a HR induction which tells them all the info they need and help them get settled in. As well as this, I have lots of employee queries to answer to at all times, this includes writing any reference letters they may need, providing information about their benefits or showing them where different forms are such as holiday and sickness. My days are very varied and different things can pop up at all times!

Career progression

There are lots of opportunities for career development in HR and the positions available vary depending on the organisation and the size. There are opportunities to progress to a HR Advisor, HR Manager and HR Director.

Qualifications/experience required

To get into a HR role it is beneficial to have a Business related degree, but it is not essential. I studied Business Studies in university and choose modules which all focused on HR so this was helpful to me. If you have strong administrative skills and have office experience you could definitely apply for HR Administrator/Assistant level roles. Usually to progress from these roles you need to complete what is called the CIPD qualification and you don’t need a degree to study this, you can start it at different levels depending on your experience. This something I’m about to start studying to allow me to progress in the future. 

Best tip to crack the industry

My best advice if you are interested in working in HR would be to get some office admin experience to start with. It’s really important in HR to have organization skills and any office job would demonstrate this. Also to work in HR you have to have lots of people skills so any hobbies or interests that demonstrate this would also look great on your CV.

Best thing about my job

This may sound cheesy but the thing I love most is helping people. I feel satisfied and happy after solving someone’s problem and helping them with any issues they may have. I have always been a people person and love socialising and listening to people so I enjoy this part a lot.

Worst thing about my job

There aren’t really any points about my job that I don’t like, but I would say the most difficult part is the time management and prioritising. I could be in the middle of a task and then something else comes up which is urgent so I have to stop what I’m doing and take care of that. I don’t mind this so much as it keeps the day exciting but you do have to be flexible.

If you have any questions or want to know anything else feel free to email me on 


Monday, 17 August 2015

Career Guest Post; Working in Science / Research

Name: Louise

Industry: Science/research 

Job Title: PhD candidate 

Brief description of job role and industry:

 I work in a university research lab as part of my PhD studies. A PhD or Doctor of Philosophy is a postgraduate academic degree. I received a scholarship for four years to research Biocontrol and at the end of my research I will present my findings in a thesis that is reviewed by a doctoral committee and also publications in peer reviewed journals. So in essence I am still a student, but in reality it is like a full time job, one that I am very lucky to get paid to do. 

An average day consists of:

There honestly is no average day; in terms of working hours and type of work, the nature of research makes it very variable. In the winter most days are spent indoors in the lab working on anything from the insect immune system to large scale production of fungus. There is also modules and training courses on learning new techniques and new machinery. During term time I demonstrate undergraduate labs, so some days I will be helping students learn useful lab techniques or correcting stacks of their assignments. In the summer because the goal of my research is improving biocontrol in forestry I spent a lot of time outdoors. I'll drive all around Ireland visiting different forests to carry out research. This is one of my favourite parts of my work, getting to visit beautiful mountains, forests and bogs, enjoy lunch in the sunshine or if it's raining a drive through Mc Donald's does the trick. 

Career progression:

In science there is so many different areas you can specialise in so there is huge range in how your career might progress from undergraduate level onwards. After getting your degree there are many avenues available to you: a masters to specialise your knowledge, a PhD to begin you on the path of academic research, a higher diploma in teaching to become a secondary school teacher to name a few options. If future study doesn't interest you, many people go directly into working in research, in settings like pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies, and hospital laboratories.  Where you can go after your undergraduate degree is varied but your level of experience and area of specialisation will influence that. If like me you decide to do a PhD, next up might be post doctoral research positions with the goal of becoming a lecturer or running your own lab. Equally you might decide to go into industry instead of staying in academia. 

Qualifications/experience required:

In my case I completed a degree in Biology and went straight into my PhD but this really varies from country to country and university. In some instances you need to first get a masters before pursuing a PhD but that isn't the case in Ireland. To do a PhD here you need to gain a first class honours or high second class honours degree in a relevant field, you may also need experience as securing PhD funding is very competitive. PhDs positions are sometimes advertised fully funded or funding can be applied for by the student and supervisor together. 

Best tip to crack the industry:

Study REALLY hard, it's a competitive field and having good exam results will definitely help you if your looking for postgraduate funding or jobs following graduation. Experience is also very important, there will be huge numbers of people with the same qualification so experience will help you stand out. Funded undergraduate summer experience is rare but sometimes it's available so approach lecturers who's research you admire to ask about it. Volunteering for free is also very common and a great way of getting your foot in the door.

Best thing about my job:

Getting to do a PhD is an amazing opportunity, I get to gain an education and also pay my rent at the same time! The work is incredibly varied so I've gotten  to gather a huge skill set of both science specific and also transferable skills. There is the opportunity to travel to conferences and labs in different countries, I got to visit America for the first time which was so much fun. Of course I've got to work with brilliant hilarious people and make great friends while bonding over the nightmare of failed experiments.

Worst thing about my job:

The hardest part of my job is that what I'm doing everyday is an experiment, I don't know going in each day if I'll make a breakthrough or fall flat on my face. Sometimes that uncertainty makes the job exciting and sometimes it can be disheartening. If it gets disheartening I just have to shake it off, try again and remember it's not a failure if you can learn something from it. That and chocolate always helps!


Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Summer Bag Essentials

Boohoo is one of my favourite brands for great clothes at even better prices. Literally half of my wardrobe is Boohoo, so when I was asked to choose something from their summer range I was totally stuck for choice. 

As I'd ordered quite a few bodycon summer dresses from the site recently, I loved the style and their prints so that was my first choice. Next up I decided on some glamorous summer sandals perfect for day or night in the summer. 


Saturday, 1 August 2015

W Barcelona - Travel Review

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have been bombarded with Barcelona holiday photos back in May. As soon as we booked the holiday, I knew I had to visit the W Barcelona to check it out. It’s always a popular option for clients and as my clients trust my recommendations, it’s really important for me to check out the hotels myself – as I’ve learn in the past, some hotel websites lie!

* I had a Dropbox disaster after holiday and accidentally deleted half of my holiday photos so if any of the photos are taken from other sources, it will be stated underneath the photo!

Brand Overview

If you haven’t heard of the W Hotel brand, where have you been? With hotels in all of the hottest destinations on the Globe, and a notorious reputation incredible facilities matched with exceptional service, if you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting a W hotel, you’re seriously missing out. 

They say:

“Escape to where iconic design and contemporary luxury set the stage for exclusive and extraordinary experiences at W Hotels® Worldwide. From the moment of arrival, guests are invited into surprising, sensory environments where amplified entertainment, vibrant lounges, modern guestrooms and innovative cocktails and cuisine create more than just a hotel experience, but a luxury lifestyle destination. Each hotel and resort is uniquely inspired by its destination, mixing cutting-edge design with local influences and creating a place to play or work by day or to mix and mingle in high-energy spaces by night. So, while every hotel is unmistakably a W hotel, each has its own personality that is brought to life by our collaborators who are always on the cusp of what's new and next in design, music and fashion.”

W Barcelona

As soon as I landed in Barcelona, we dropped our bags and headed over for a meeting at the most iconic (and in my opinion, the best) hotel in the City. The hotel is located the end of the beach, a massive sail like structure, an avant-garde icon created by the world-famous Ricardo Bofill. The Barcelona skyline would not be the same without it.

As standard at W hotels, we approach the entrance to the iconic giant W sign. That’s when you know you’ve arrived! The lobby alone is enough to make anyone feel like a rock star with handing chairs, LED lights and a metallic wall bouncing the light in all directions.

We met the lovely Cristina for a show round of the hotel and facilities in all its glory, even Luke came on the show round and was seriously impressed - which is rare, trust me. Below is a round up review of everything the W Barcelona has to offer for both leisure and business guests. 

The Bedrooms

Each room has absolute stunning floor to ceiling windows either looking out on the beach or the marina/sea. The beds face the window which I LOVE so you can wake up and see that beautiful view every day. The rooms are white, fresh and just what you'd expect from the W. Whilst I was admiring them Cristina let me know they will soon all be refurbished - not that I thought they needed it but being the best hotel in Barcelona, they need to constantly keep updating and changing to keep those loyal guests coming back. As bedrooms go, they're an average size, probably made to feel better by the windows. I also love the seating at the window, I could literally sit there all day and night!

The W Barcelona boasts 473 fabulous guest rooms and suites, and in line with the W brand are names, Cozy, Wonderful, Mega and Fabulous, along with their suites, Studio, Cool Corner, Marvelous, Spectacular, WOW and Extreme WOW... It is an extreme wow!

The Restaurants

The W Barcelona has three very different restaurants on site, definitely something for everyone. We only ate at Salt but I have to say it was one of the best meals I've had in a long time and the service was beyond anything. More on that later..


"Welcome to BRAVO24 where catalan chef Carles Abellán cooks up the true essence of each local ingredient in its freshest, seasonal, and most authentic form. Sample from a spectrum of culinary delights prepared in a variety of ways: traditional styles, modern interpretations, homemade indulgences, and traditional tapas to share. Set for style. With a strikingly modern backdrop, this organic, functional, yet stylish dining room and a spectacular terrace overlooking the sea make Bravo24 a fabulous dining experience in Barcelona"



"Open all day, WAVE restaurant it’s the place to be seen, casual ambience offering from the most simple, healthy and light meal to the most delicate and sophisticated piece of Mediterranean gastronomy. Dishes with personality of the classic Spanish tapas, antipasti and seafood, Arab flavours and Lebanese specialties, create a dynamic menu, with fun and glamorous creations by the local market products. Among the creative dishes we find the Lobster and Avocado Rolls with mint, Coconut Crispy Prawns or Mini Calamari. Also, to satisfy all tastes an electrifying mix of proposals from all over the world."



"The dynamic duos of innovative Salt Burgers and perfectly matched delightful cocktails created in Salt bring the burger experience to another level. To top it off, dig in the variety of 'side affairs' side orders or share it around with the sharing dishes. Choose something from the guilty pleasures menu, here for you too, pick one (or few) to add a sweet touch to the Salt adventure. Enjoy all this overlooking the beach from an expansive terrace and allow the endlessly clear blue Mediterranean to set the backdrop for an unforgettable day or night."


So for one night of the holiday, I decided to plan a surprise night for Luke for our anniversary and what better venue than the W Barcelona. I decided to book Salt due to our love of burgers and cocktails. With those two elements, plus it's beach front location, I knew it was going to be a winning combination but I was definitely blown away. 

Anyway, back to the most important part, the food. If you're feeling hungry, look away now because I'm about to bombard you with some serious food porn. 

We were completely and utterly spoilt at Salt so a massive thank you to all of the staff for making it so special. We had lot to celebrate with everything going on in our lives at the moment... which brings us on to my favourite part of the W Barcelona, the bars. 

The Bars

The W Barcelona has three areas guaranteed to top off your night;
"Capturing the spirit of Barcelona, fin screens create a wave effect in the lounge and bar areas, and sea urchin patterns and dark, moody coral colours evoke a nautical party feel in the VIP space. Resident DJs spin deep house music tracks on a set that looks like a jet ski on the shimmering water while each cocktail mixes a storybook of surprises."

The most casual of the bar areas at the hotel, the W Lounge has a chilled vibe and remains busy throughout the day and night with Barcelona's most beautiful people.

The Wet Deck

Every Sunday, the pool area of the W Barcelona host Barcelona's hottest party. An urban open-air party experience with sessions of the best House Music by world-renowned DJ´s, and a flirty fusion of cocktails, vibrant atmosphere and beautiful views over Barcelona and the sea. I was so gutted to miss this when we were there as it hadn't opened yet but I will DEFINITELY be there next time!This is a night you cannot miss if you're visiting the City.


Last but not least (my favourite), the bar that I will ALWAYS return to when I'm in Barcelona...


"Celebrate every night. Twenty-six floors above Barcelona, Eclipse reveals the exhilarating vision of the The Ignite Group and Isabel López Vilalta. Take a sip & bite with our vibrant Sushi & Cocktails."


So after our meal at Salt, Luke and I headed upstairs to our reserved table at Eclipse. It was just about still daylight when we arrived so watching the sunset over Barcelona thanks to the floor to ceiling windows, 26 floors up in the sky, could not have been more perfect. 

The cocktails were amazing, and the service incredible, even giving us a box of branded chocolates after we'd had a few rounds pf drinks which I thought was a lovely touch. Being used to London prices. I thought the drinks were really well priced even though over the course of the night we ended up spending more than the entire holiday actually cost, it was so worth it! When we went to leave, we got the lift down to reception and saw a massive queue with people waiting to get upstairs into Eclipse so this fabulous bar clearly isn't a secret. We literally had the best night and I will forever be returning to Eclipse when I'm in Barcelona in the future. 

The Meeting Space

So I know there's probably not many fellow #eventprofs out there so I'll keep this part short! The meeting space at the W Barcelona does not fall short of the brand and is definitely in keeping with the rest of the hotel. Their Great Room, really is great with a 7m ceiling height and floor to ceiling windows with views over the beach and ocean, even Luke was wowed by the grand space. The new Breeze meeting rooms are full of natural daylight and lead out onto the Breeze terrace for some relaxation between the meetings. The sun deck is also available to hire exclusively. All of the meeting and events facilities at the W Barcelona made my events brain go into overdrive, I'm so excited to place some business there and get my hands on that space!


The Pool

With a DJ, waitress service, day beds and massively comfy padded sofas, there's no where better to relax after a night out at Eclipse than at the pool. We spent a whole day here relaxing and ordering (more) drinks - I highly recommend the Wet Martini!


I know I was there for business related reasons and sometimes this means I get a bit of extra special treatment but I always pay a lot of attention to how other guests are treated and I have to say, the staff were amazing. Particularly in Salt Restaurant. That, to me is the epitome of an brilliant hotel – amazing service, and something that definitely isn’t lacking at the W Barcelona.

If you're looking for the hottest, trendiest, party hotel in the City, you need to stay at the W Barcelona, I really couldn't recommend it highly enough. 

Book here now!

See you there next year...
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