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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Summer Ready with Yves Rocher*

Hopefully by now, you’ve had chance to catch up on my Yves Rocher make up review, if not, you can see it here. I loved the products, and the brand so when I was offered the chance to try out some of their summer range, I was more than happy to accept.

If you read my blog often, you’ll know I’m getting much better at trying out new products, particularly ones that are innovative or different in any way. The four products after the Blonde Vision stamp on approval are:
  •         Monoï de Tahiti Precious Dry Oil
  •         Éclat Radiance Rinsing Vinegar
  •         Low Shampoo, delicate cleansing cream
  •        Monoï de Tahiti Lagoon hair and body wash

Monoï de Tahiti Precious Dry Oil

They say: "Moisturised, illuminated and deliciously perfumed skin. Reveal the radiance of your skin in an instant! Close your eyes, breathe in, you’re a Polynesian beauty. Rediscover the benefits of Monoï de Tahiti in this Precious Dry Oil enriched with illuminating shimmery pigments for skin that is drenched with sunlight. Its irresistible and non-greasy texture spreads deliciously over the skin to intensely moisturise it while revealing its exotic notes. Your tan is enhanced, body and hair shimmer delicately. Bonus + : Its fine shimmery pigments delicately illuminate the skin"

This is one product that has summer written all over it. You know when you’re on holiday and you have that summer glow on a night out? That’s this product, in a bottle. I have to admit, when I tried it at home a few weeks ago I liked it, but I wasn’t wowed, I didn’t feel too glowing with my pasty legs any way but I still had high hopes for the product, trying it again whilst in Barcelona. I was in love. The oil left my side feeling hydrated and the tiny specks of sparkle left me glowing – literally. Obviously the new tan helped as well but I just fell in love this with product. The only downside is that I didn’t find it particularly easy to apply and most ended up in a bit of the mess (which pretty much sums me up!). I worked out it was best to apply it standing in the bath after I’d showers so I could rinse away all my mess from split product!

Would I buy myself? Yes!

Éclat Radiance Rinsing Vinegar

They say: "Enhances hair’s natural shine! A genuine traditional remedy revisited by Yves Rocher to enhance the natural shine of your hair and leave it radiant with beauty! Its delectable scent alone is a divine sensory experience. The Plus: Its delectable scent!"

When you’re on holiday, does anyone else’s hair go lovely and soft? Then as soon as you get home it goes back to normal again? Mine too, until I found this product. Usually anything with the word vinegar in the title puts me off, mainly because I hate the stuff – on my chips that is! I was a little dubious when I first read the bottle, but I opened it up and the smell was absolutely amazing, I just had to give it a go. After using the product, my hair was definitely noticeably softer, which is exactly what it needed after not being looked after for a long time. The product was simple to use, which is always a plus and the smell is jut fab! Soft holiday hair at home? Yes please!

Would I buy this myself? Yes

Low Shampoo, delicate cleansing cream

They say: "What is the Low Shampoo? Inspired by the no pow (no shampoo) method used in the United States, the Low Shampoo* is a new way to wash the hair. Switch your classic shampoo with a hair care enriched in cleansing agents. It's the new trend in the daily hair care routine. Let yourself be surprised by its new formula which does not foam! This Delicate Cleansing Cream protects the integrity of the hair fiber even used daily."

I’m really fussy when it comes to hair care thanks to my ever greasy fine, limp hair. I didn’t really get on with this shampoo as my hair got quite greasy quickly after using it. I have heard that it gets better over time but I’m not ready to go to work with a grease ball!

Would I buy this myself? No

Monoï de Tahiti Lagoon hair and body wash

They say: "Treat yourself to an exotic escape with this 2 in 1 formula! ThisLagoon Hair & Body Wash which is scented with Tiare Flowers crushed in Coconut Oil rinses away perspiration, sea salt and sunscreen. Result: it leaves your skin soft and your hair shiny! The Plus: leaves your body scented from head to toe!"

Now, this product is holiday in a bottle. Seriously. If I shut my eyes during a boiling hot shower, I could totally be back in Mexico by the pool – then I open my eyes and I’m faced with reality. Okay any way, if you can’t tell, I love this body wash. I wouldn’t personally use it for my hair, because as I said, I’m fussy, but it’s great for a body wash and leaves my skin lovely. Luke used it (without me knowing) on his hair and it smelt amazing – then he had to admit he was using my beauty products! Thumbs up there from Luke as well Yves Rocher!

Would I buy this myelf? Yes (and so would Luke!)

All in all, I’ve been massively impressed with Yves Rocher. It’s not a brand I had ever used but they are good price and even better quality.

Thanks Yves Rocher!

Love Lauren xx

*PR gift

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