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Monday, 29 June 2015

My beautiful Cockerpoo, Roxy*

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have been bombarded with photos of my beautiful cockerpoo, Roxy. She’s the love of my life and the sweetest but most diva-like dog you’ll ever meet.

I’m a big dog person, and have wanted one of my own my whole life. My parents had always said no because of the amount of commitment they need (and the amount of times a year we go on holiday!). BUT…One half term when I was in my final year of sixth form, dad took a day off work to take us out for the day so my brother and I instantly decided on a visit to Dog’s Trust. 

Whilst there, Dad found and fell in love with a beautiful dog called Peanut. We were stroking it through the cage then when we got up to leave, he would cry so Dad just kept returning again and again. I’d never seen him like that with a dog before, not even my nan’s dog who we grew up with since I was 6 months old. We finally dragged Dad away and that was the day he changed his mind about getting a pup…

Roxy at 6 weeks old, the day we met her (and fell in love with those beautiful blue eyes!)

Originally we wanted a rescue dog from Battersea or Dog's Trust but after looking into the process and finding out you can’t be too picky with breed etc, unfortunately we decided not to take that route. We knew almost instantly we wanted a cockerpoo as they don’t malt, are known to be clever (that’s the poodle in them), have a lovely nature and they’re quite small.

As soon as the breed was chosen we searched the internet for some puppies. We were definitely quite fussy about where they came from, we wanted a nice home where they would have been treated well in the first 8 weeks of their life. There’s unfortunately a lot of people out there breeding puppies for money and not treating them as well as they should. Most breeders were saying 6 months – 1 year waiting list because the breed was so popular but we couldn’t wait that long. I was at sixth form and home quite a lot so the dog would rarely be on its own, we thought it was best while it was young and being trained to be well looked after.

We finally found what looked like from the internet, a lovely breeder in Chichester and got straight in the car the next day to see the puppies. We fell in love immediately. The breeder lived on a massive farm with loads of land for the dogs to play and run around. The mum, dad and even Grandad of the new pups were around to play with and cuddle which was really reassuring to see they were such lovely natured dogs. There was one girl and one boy left when we arrived, we decided to take the girl and spent the next half an hour cuddling her. The pups weren’t ready to leave yet so we put down a deposit and went home to get her new home ready.

Roxy's Mummy (cocker spaniel) & Daddy (miniature poodle)

Roxy's Daddy a miniature Poodle & Grandad, a full size poodle! They all (including Roxy) have little ginger bits on their ears and chin, it's the cutest thing

Two weeks later, we picked up our newly named puppy, Roxy (I wanted Bella but everyone said no!) and took her back to her new home. For quite a few nights she cried all night downstairs in the kitchen. We felt so bad because she was only missing her mum so Dad slept in the kitchen on a mattress with her for about a week! 

The next few weeks the reality hit of toilet training and chasing her round the house every time she left our sight. You cannot leave a puppy anywhere! As with a child, she had all the toys she could dream of yet would rather play with boxes! After her injections she was allowed outside so we enrolled her in a puppy class to hopefully train her to be obedient. She passed the class with a cute little rosette and excelled at everything except from giving things back – and she’s still the same to this day. 

Roxy at 9 weeks settling into her new home and being cheeky with her tongue always out!

Her first time in the snow! She kept sticking her head in then getting a giant snowball stuck around her mouth in her fur. If only we could teach her to throw them too...

Roxy supporting England at the World Cup - not that it helped
This is her little windowsill perch she sits on all day every day keeping an eye on the street, watching our for cats, bird and her two boyfriends, Dudley & Eric (I'm not kidding!)

She loves to snuggle up

This was after I'd run my first event, I was exhausted so she came and cuddled me when I got home. We both ended up falling asleep together. She likes to spoon by the way, little spoon!

Nearly 6 years later and I couldn’t imagine life without her. She has the biggest character and personality, sometimes it’s hard to believe she’s actually a dog. Whilst she may be a pain in the bum sometimes with her constant conversations (crazy barking) with the chihuahua next door, her grumpiness with other dogs and diva-like tendencies, which are so bad we can hardly leave her with other people (!), she has bought such light and love into our lives she will always take a massive piece of our heart.

Roxy is such an important part of our family, pet insurance was something we didn’t even need to consider, it was vital and we got it straight away. Vet bills can be so expensive and we would never want to be in a position where we couldn’t treat our baby if she was ill simply because we couldn’t afford it.

Argos pet insurance has been protecting cats and dogs for over 10 years. Cover can start from when the puppies and kittens are just 8 weeks old with prices starting at £4.36 per month for cats and £6.47 per month for dogs, there are different packages available to suit all budgets, all the information is here. A small amount in my opinion considering you can’t put a price on your pet’s health and well-being, and it saves a massive vet bill in one chunk if the worst does happen.

I know some people that don’t have pets, can’t imagine the impact they have on a family but pet insurance is so important. Please make sure, yourself and everyone you know has their pet’s insured… just in case

One of the family

Love Lauren & Roxy xx


  1. Such a gorgeous dog! My boyfriend has a boxer which i never liked until i met my boyfriend, she is the friendliest dog and completely changed my view on them x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  2. Roxy is the cutest little dog and I'm so glad that I got to have a cuddle with her after Center Parcs - she's just adorable and so so soft! x

    Laura | Loved By Laura

  3. Shes so cute!

  4. Such a cute dog. KBxx

  5. She's adorable, I still maintain we should have snuck her into Centre Parcs!

  6. She is so adorable (: xx


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