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Monday, 29 June 2015

First ever spray tan review & OOTD

I completely admit that I've been spoilt with beautiful holidays all my life. My parents worked really hard as I was growing up and we rarely went a few months without a holiday, which meant a pretty much constant tan. Now I've entered the real world and can't get annual leave approved to save my life, I've currently so pale I'm almost yellow and looking drab and far from glowing, with limp lifeless dark blonde hair. Urgh.

Luke suggested I got a spray tan, which I point blank refused having never touched a bottle of tan in my life. I was worried about it turning out orange and patchy with streaky lines everywhere and I refused to pay to look like that. 

During a trip to Westfield I found the most beautiful dress from Lipsy for a Christening we were going to, I just had to buy it. The mostly white dress made me look even more pale than usual so reluctantly I agreed to a spray tan which Luke booked from his sister's recommendation. I did say that if it turned out badly, I wouldn't be going to the Christening and I was genuinely serious.

Not going to lie, turning up at the salon I was nervous, did I REALLY trust Luke to book a spray tan?! He doesn't know the first thing about tan! I arrived make up free and in baggy clothes thanks to Charlotte's advice and met the lovely Harley to do my tan. She offered me Fake Bake, Lauren's Way and Sienna X tan options but I had no idea so just asked her to chose one she thought would suite me best. As it was my first tan, she suggested I went for Fake Bake so I agreed as I'm definitely no expert. 

One of the reasons I'd never had a spray tan before was simply because I was ashamed of my chest, and too embarrassed to be half naked in front of anyone, but since having surgery this has definitely taken a u-turn so it felt great to be confident again! I must admit I was a bit scared of how dark it was when it was first sprayed on but within 10 minutes I absolutely loved the colour and didn't want to wash it off the next day. It's amazing how a quick spray of colour can make me feel alive and glowing. Fascinating! (there's a photo below of my make up free self just after the tan was applied!). You're told not to shower for 8 hours so I went home, danced around the house for a bit admiring the colour and went to bed. I woke up with my hand resting on my chest which meant a white handprint mark and an orange hand - brilliant! 

The only time you'll see a make up free selfie on my blog

In the morning, you're told to have a shower as normal to get the excess tan off. The shower water went bright orange and I literally felt like it had gone completely but it hadn't at all. I'd been left with a streak-free absolutely perfect tan and I was so in love! 

I was expecting it to last about 3 days max but I ended up keeping it on for over two weeks! It was only when colour started peeing off on my chest that I decided, reluctantly it was time to get scrubbing. 

After recommendations from you beautiful people on Twitter, I tried baby oil and my favourite Ted Baker scrub, (which can be found here) and the combination worked a treat. All the tan scrubbed off nicely and my ghostly skin was back. I missed my tan immediately so I ran out and bought a Garnier tinted moisturiser to fill the gap. It's okay, but it's not a professional spray tan and I've somehow managed to make it go patchy - not a good look!

Overall, I literally CAN NOT wait for my next spray tan. If you're ever in the West London area then make sure you check out the salon - I would recommend it to anyone. You can find their website here.


This Lipsy dress is just so beautiful, I couldn't not include a little OOTD to show off my lovely tan! Definitely my new favourite dress. I'm buying a Lipsy dress a month at the moment and I have to say their collection is beautiful! I think I'll have to write a whole post on my growing Lipsy collection, I seem to be buying a dress a month at the moment - naughty habit!


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