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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Career Guest Post; Working in Banking/Finance

Name: Laura F

Industry: Banking/Finance

Job Title: Counter Manager

Brief Description

Be a Support for the Cashiers and others colleagues in the branch day to day, control the branch money and act as a first point of contact for any issues or problems.

Average Day

Without going into too much details and boring you all I: Open up, deal with queries, cover lunches, deal with customers, have several cups of tea/coffee, stress when something complicated lands on my desk. answer the phone several times, email lots of people and respond to emails, sort the office and the other members of the team then finally close up and drive home. If i shared any more with you, I would see a few yawns so I don't want to whittle on, but most people probably think the job is straight forward and we just open up give out cash and close again but its much, much more.

Career progression

You could go down different routes. The last role I did was opening new products for customers and servicing existing products. Now I am a manager my natural progression route would be to move into a more senior Managerial role with an exceptional amount of hard work and persistence. This is the route I intend to go down but you could move into Mortgage Advising or working in a head office role which is soooo different to being with customers day to day.

Qualifications or Experience required

I started working in banking straight after college after I left with 3A's. I had no experience other than customer service work from working in shops since I was 16. I would say my outstanding quality that gained me my job would be my ability to talk ALOT! I am blessed with being able to talk about almost anything and finding out a lot about people. I have 5.5 years experience now which has helped with my current role in terms of managing people and a banking qualification which I gained 18 months ago.

Best tip to crack the industry 

I would say you need to be a people person and work really hard to prove yourself. I'm only 24 but I would like to think I have a lot of respect from my colleagues and team that I wouldn't change for the world.

Best thing about my job

Satisfaction when you have done a job well done and get lovely feedback from other colleagues or customers.

Worst thing about my job

Having a bad day or a day when customers get annoyed a lot. It's not always your fault but unfortunately the people in branches take the worst of it, but most people point out they aren't getting angry with you, they are just frustrated!

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  1. Love this idea for a blog series, so interesting to have a sneak peek at other peoples careers!


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