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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Career Guest Post; Working in Fashion Retail

Name: Adele

Industry: Fashion Retail

Job Title: Sales Assistant and Visual Merchandiser

Brief Description

Working as a sales assistant, daily tasks include exceptional customer service (we have the best in town!), replenishment of stock, planning for upcoming launches and working with a great team. It is never as easy as it looks and there is so much that goes on behind the scenes to make the customers experience the best possible.

An average day consists of

The day can start as early as 6am or as late as 1pm. If you start before the shop opens you have to count the money into the tills, tidy the shop floor and put out stock if required. When the shop is open, it is focused on the customers always. You end up running about like a headless chicken to find exactly what theyre after. Im personally in charge of windows so I will normally update a couple of items in the windows to reflect best sellers and what the company wants to show off. Every day is completely different which is reflected on the team youre working with and the day very much depends on the customers you get through the door!

Career Progression

In all honesty you need to be enthusiastic and keep every day. You need to be food at what you do and voice to your manager that you want to progress. It is really all down to experience.

Qualifications/Experience Needed

Some experience in retail or customer service roles are required. If you are starting out you need to be very passionate when applying for the role. Absolutely no qualifications are needed.

Best Tip To Crack The Industry

Always be passionate, particularly when applying for the job and at your interview. Also Ive found that being very customer focused has landed me several jobs.

Best Thing About My Job

I do the windows for a top 10 store in the country and when they turn out amazing, its the best feeling in the world! I also love it when a customer has had a good experience and returns to the store.

Worst Thing About My Job

When the shop is quiet and theres not a lot to do! Also starting at 6am (its ok though because Starbucks opens at 5am to give me breakfast!) or when we have launch nights and have to stay as late as 3am.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this. Being in charge of window displays must be very stressful at times, but also very creative and rewarding. It sounds like Adele really enjoys her job, yay!

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