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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Career Guest Post; Working as a Utilities Analyst

Name: Antonia 


Industry: Utilities

Job Title: Senior power pricing analyst 

Brief description of job role and industry

I work for a power company supplying I&C customers. I am responsible for the pricing of all embedded generation sites, looking at their hedging activity verses there consumption & exporting levels ... I also deal with all pricing elements that make up a customers invoice. I look at consumption and generating patterns. (I am not responsible for the high energy prices - a definitely downside when trying to explain my job) A world away from blogging right

An average day consists of... 

Whilst I have a monthly routine my days vary and are often filled with meetings of some variety. I have reports to generate daily which a very detailed orientated so attention to detail is paramount. I also keep an eye on what going on within the industry and government changes that could impact prices, power tariffs and the like. Energy patterns and their price implications are also a big part of my job 

Career progression 

There is loads! So much experience to gain. I have moved around the business a little and the knowledge and experience I have gained along the way helps me with the role I have now. It also makes me aware of what's going on in the industry. But there's many areas to get involved in

Qualifications/experience required 

Experience is one of those things that is definitely desired but not necessarily essential it depends on the role. Qualifications - whilst I have them -3 degrees in history they in no way relate to my job with requests economic or mathematical degrees. I don't think this is necessary as long as you have motivation, ambition, common sense and the ability to learn and pick things up quickly I don't think a degree is required 

Best tip to crack the industry 

An interest, it's not a dreamed about industry like PR for example but it's fast paced and ever changing and if you can keep up then it's soooo interesting. But an interest in the field and motivation I say would help immensely 

Best thing about my job 

Variety, I get to be involved in so much. Projects and developments are interesting to me and are  great to ways to break up the daily work. Also the ability to travel, Holland and Paris are some of the places I have been sent as well as around England and Scotland- that's always nice 

Worst thing about my job 

Paper work and admin! Enough said really!

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  1. Now this is my kind of job! I work in a similar field and love it for the analysis and problem solving. It doesn't sound as sexy as marketing or pr but it suits me to a t! Great post! x

    Laura | Loved By Laura


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