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Monday, 27 April 2015

20 Things I Hate About The Tube

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1. People who push and push just to step on the train first

2. People who have no concept of personal space - specifically referring to the men that have used my head as a leaning post. Not even joking. And it's happened on more than one occasion

3. Giant newspapers. Yeah I love getting swiped in the face every time some selfish person wants to turn the page

4. People who don't hold on to anything because they're too busy reading their giant newspapers then fall all over everyone whenever the train moves - which is a lot funnily enough

5. People who dive on to the train and squish you like a sardine. Pretty sure there's another train 2 minutes behind mate

6. Men who try and chat you up. Just no.

7. People who sit in my seat. Yes I'm not kidding about this one. I sit in the same seat, on the same train every single day. I should be having my name engraved by now

8. Trains that don't turn up. Because I love paying £2.5k a year for a shitty service

9. Backpacks. Why do so many people have them. Why do they insist on wearing them and taking up valuable people space. Why do people not realise when they're moving and fidgeting knocking everyone else out around them like skittles!

10. Suitcases. They should be banned during rush hour. Period.

11. Large groups of school children. This is not the time nor the place. Whatever happened to a good old fashioned coach trip?

12. Tourists. International and domestic. Just generally people who don't know where they're going to spend the time dawdling, standing in the middle of walkways trying to read a map, walking the wrong way and moaning about how 'all these London commuters are in such a rush'

13. McDonald's or any other similar fast food on the train. I'm only jealous okay!!

14. When the train actually goes overground and I lose signal. So inconvenient. It's 2015, why is there not Wi-Fi everywhere - FOR FREE?!

15. When anything is happening at Wembley. It turns our lovely silent commuter train into a a rowdy hooligan filled party bus

16. People who stand literally on top of me giving me evils because I have a seat. Soz for getting on at the first stop...

17. People who faff around and don't get a move on getting on/off/finding their ticket/whatever it may be

18. The fact that it takes up 4 hours of my day, every day. Nothing that isn't fun should take up that amount of time.

19. People who think it's okay to put their bags on the seat. No it isn't by the way.

20. People. Just people in general.

I could go on forever but should probably stop now! I think I may continue this whole 20 things thing... ranting is fun, and I'm sure a lot of us share the pain of the tube/trains every day.

Love Lauren xx


  1. These are so funny! You should definitely do a part two!

    Hannah Rose

  2. Yep - I hear you! People - they're such a pain in the arse sometimes. Haha.

  3. great rant, I totally get the invasion of personal space and the unnecessary pushing - why is everyone always in such a rush? why is their time more valuable then ours? xx

    Ioanna |

  4. This is so true - I particularly agree with #9, I absolutely HATE backpacks on the tube.

    Jenny x

  5. Haha love this! Suitcases on the tube is the worst! My pet hate is when someone gets on at the last second when there is clearly absolutely no room for them and you end up standing in an awkward 's' shape practically breaking your back, because they've got something shoved into your spine and won't move it! xx

  6. Agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed! I'm not a London native but I'm down there enough to be angered by a lot of these too! (Especially the being chatted up one. Also happens on buses. WHY. WHY WOULD YOU???) Bags on seat people too. Who look offended when you ask them to move their stuff so you can sit down. There is no logic to their methods.

    little miss fii || Fii x

  7. This reminds me of the subway system in Hong Kong! People have no concept of personal space sometimes!!

  8. Haha this is hilarious and so relatable! Some very valid points, I think you should send it to TFL to see what they have to say for themselves!! xx

    My Blog: Jade With Envy
    My YouTube: Youtube: Jade Mercedes Fraser (xglitter3ugx)

  9. yeah me too my upper body have been used on many occasion mostly by men to rest their book !

    I hate tourist when its rush hour too.

  10. The backpack is my one true pet hate, I've been taken out by many a tourists backpack. But I have to admit, I am usually that person with the suitcase at rush hour! Mimi x

  11. You forgot smelly people lol x


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