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Wednesday, 25 February 2015


So the topic of this post was inspired by Adam's #GIRLspiration posts. He asked for people to think about their #GIRLspiration's and answer question about them. I chose Karen Brady to write about, you can see the post here

When I was trying to decide, I realised I have so many inspirations for so many different areas in life. To put them all together would make the perfect women in my eyes, so I'm dedicating this post to all the strong, powerful, beautiful women of the world who inspire me every day!

Cheryl Cole
#GIRLspiration for her style, attitude and beauty

Karen Brady
#GIRLspiration for her tenacity, business mind and for always empowering women in business

Reese Witherspoon
#GIRLspiration for her acting, beauty, being a spokesperson for women and being a fellow shorty

Michelle Mone
#GIRLspiration for her business mind, beauty and boobs!

Kim Kardashian
#GIRLspiration for turning herself into one of the world's biggest brands; and taking every opportunity to do so

Kate Middleton
#GIRLspiration for always looking, acting, being, flawless. And for being a Princess, obviously

Cameron Diaz
#GIRLspiration for her acting, humour, beauty and honesty

Britney Spears
#GIRLspiration for her voice and being my ultimate girlspiration growing up

Blake Lively
#GIRLspiration for her effortless style, for giving us Serena van der Woodsen and for taking Ryan Reynolds away from us

Who are your #GIRLspirations (or #GUYspirations) and why?

Love Lauren xx


  1. I love Reece Witherspoon and Blake Lively - such inspirational actresses. xx

    Amy | The Perks of Being Amy

  2. Love it! I'd have to include Angelina Jolie for not being afraid to do things her way (whilst looking freakin stunning!!) xx

  3. Ahhh totally agree with you about all of these! Great post! xx

  4. Such a great post idea. Some of my inspirations definitely include Karen Brady and Reese Witherspoon. I'd also have to include Victoria Beckham for her work ethic / style x

    Amanda / Amanda's Escape

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