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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

DIY Acrylic like Nails for 13p!

What if I told you that you could have a full set of acrylic nails for 13p, done by yourself at home, using six easy steps...

I used to spend an absolute fortune getting a full set of acrylics done every 4-6 weeks at local salons. I used to watch everything they did, and then one day decided I wanted to give it a go myself. Obviously I had no formal training and relied on my memory and youtube tutorials to learn how to do them. If I'm being completely honest they weren't great, I mean, they were okay, and cost a fraction of the price but not quite as good as a salon. 

 I tried the packs of stick on nails for a while but mine are so tiny they would never fit properly and fall of an inappropriate times; so I decided to try a new technique and starting searching the internet for all the tools I needed for my EASY to do, DIY acrylic nails and tah-dahhhh...

Now I can share my secret!

You will need:
- An acrylic nail cutting tool - You can buy it here for £2.19
(I'd strongly advise against trying to use scissors - it hurts and turns out horrible!)
- The nails - You can buy them here for £1.96 for 500 nails
(make sure you buy then whole nail, not just the tip)
- Nail file
- Nail glue - you can buy it here for £2.79

So based on these prices, (assuming you already have a nail file), a full set of acrylic nails will cost you 13p. Much better than the £28.00 a salon charges right?

Step One:
Measure out all the nails so you know which size fits which fingers. 

I find it easier to lay them out in order as if your hands were being laid it. Easier to make sure you're gluing the right nail to the right finger because once it's on, it's not coming off! My packs come in sizes 0-9 so for reference I use: 
(L-R) 9, 8, 7, 8, 5     5, 8, 7, 8, 9
I have TINY fingers!

Step Two:
Take off all your nail varnish and push back you cuticles. I run a nail file over the surface of my nail to make a rough surface as I've found it helps the nails stay on for longer but this is optional. If you don't rough up the surface, your nails will still be in pretty much perfect condition when the acrylics come off, unlike they are when you have them done in a salon!

Step Three:
Glue on each nail and hold for 3 seconds until the glue is set. You only need a small amount of glue as it spreads out when the nail is pressed on. Don't worry how long they are, we'll cut them down in a minute!

Step Four:
Use the nail cutting tool to cut the nail to the length you like. This is what I love about doing my nails this way, I can choose the length. It's best to cut small amounts at a time because once it's gone you can't stick it back on!

The nails will look very straight and square at this point but don't worry!

Step Five:
File down the nails to your required shape. I like my nails to still be quite square with round corners but it's a completely personal preference. Once you're done filing, wash your hands and nails thoroughly, to ensure the filings don't get stuck in the fresh nail varnish, it's not a good look and I have done it before when I was being super lazy!

Step Six:
Paint, paint, paint! Obviously the hardest part of this process is decided on a colour!

If you try these out for yourself, don't forget to send me photos!

Love Lauren xx


  1. What a great guide, I never really thought about doing my nails myself but you make it look easy! Great step by step pics too xx

  2. Great idea, I was too scared to go to salons because my nails are tiny as well, and like you no false stick on nails fitted.. don't know why i thought the salons wouldn't be able to accommodate me and my small nails but that's just how my mind works..
    This is such a great money saving idea and i can use this as an excuse to buy more nail varnishes now ;)
    How long do these nails last roughly?

  3. This is a great idea, i've never thought of doing it myself, but it's something i'd look into now you've made it look so easy, and i'm sure my bank balance will be very happy with that choice too! I love the colour you chose at the end too, very pretty! :)

    Love Amylou x

  4. I was put off having Acrylic nails at the salon as when they came off my nails were so horrible and fragile, just urgh, never again. Seeing how you can achieve them yourself without damaging your nails as much is a real eye opener. They look lovely :) x

  5. WOW! What an awesome trick Mrs! I'm most certainly stopping by for more of these hints. I might even try this as well. I've always been put off getting acrylics but it's great you have offered an alternative!
    Bee xxx


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