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Sunday, 18 January 2015

All about that lace; Lingerie Haul

I love lingerie, there's no two ways about it, but obviously since surgery I don't have a single bra that fits, which I think is a good excuse to get shopping. I used to be so fussy with bras because I felt so self concious so I found shopping hard, now I just find shopping hard because nowhere stocks my size! #boobproblems 

Now I'm officially allowed out of my sports bras, I need to start easing myself back into bras (not as easy as it sounds!) and I want to fill my drawers with beauty and I think I've started well if I do say so myself! 

Boux Avenue has always been a lingerie brand I've wanted to try but having never felt confident in bras I haven't felt deserving of beautiful undies so now is the time! This beautiful set came with free knickers which was a bonus. The bra fits me so perfectly, I haven't wanted to take this set off since the second it arrived! I also loved how beautifully wrapped everything was with scented petals, such a great touch so Thank You Boux Avenue!! 

This wonderful bra was also from Boux Avenue and an absolute bargain at £10.00, and we all love a bargain! It's so pretty and I'm completely in love. The fit and quality is great and have I mentioned it's pretty?

This little beauty is from Kelly Brook's range at New Look. I love that I can buy beautiful bras in big sizes and I'll definitely be getting more. It's quite hard to see in the photo but it has lovely lace detail above the cup that sits on the skin which I love. This one was only £7.00 in the Christmas sale so a mega bargain too!

I've been struggling with getting used to wearing underwire again so I bought this from H&M. It only came in dress sizes which was so hard to work out, I tried to look at the size guide and decided on a size 12 based on the bust measurements but it's definitely on the small side! Still pretty though so I had to keep it!

This was another Boux Avenue sale purchase, I'm a sucker for spending more for free delivery and this was the result! £3.50 so can't complain - who doesn't like frilly knickers?!

My final purchase was high waisted lace knickers from New Look, yet another amazing sale purchase at £3.00. I would say the size has come up fairly small but maybe a couple more weeks down the gym and I might look a bit better in them!

Since searching for bigger sized bras, I can say for sure there's no where near enough choice, especially if you're looking for pretty, lacy numbers. It's a shame, and has started annoying me going into shops to find they only only stock to a D/DD but I'm on a hunt for lots of lace to fill up my empty drawers so determined to hunt them out everywhere and anywhere I can! Any recommendations would be appreciated!!

Love Lauren xx



  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Ahh yes I tried on a few in M&S and should go back and buy some actually! One of the only places I found that has a good variety of big sizes :-) xxx

  2. Totes need that H&M bra, so cute! I love Ann Summers, Agent Provocateur and Victoria's Secret best! They always fit wonderfully and last a long long long time!!

    Francesca xo // Francesca xo // EffStar Beauty

    1. I need to try Agent Provocateur! Never had anything from there before :/ VS is my favourite shop ever but I can't even fit into their biggest size... devastating! xxx

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Neither was I but I love these! I just want to buy more! My poor bank haha xxx


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