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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone..

* photo from Pintrest

This week, I've been inspired by three things; the Miss World 2014 competition, this week's #fbloggers chat and an article on the good old Daily Mail website. They all have one thing in common, charity. 

I love Miss World. I know a lot of people have issues with beauty pageants but I don't think they have a clue what they're actually about. A key part of Miss World is the 'beauty with a purpose' segment. Each Miss World contestant has to set up a charity project in their own country to make a long lasting contribution to society. Since Beauty with a Purpose was set up in 1972, it has raised hundreds of million of pounds. These women have a platform to speak and be heard, much like us bloggers, albeit on a bigger scale.  They use their voice to make a difference by raising awareness and raising money across the globe (they're not all beauty and no brains for those narrow-minded people out there!). You can read more about the wonderful Beauty with a Purpose here

This week's #fbloggers chat, hosted by the beautiful @BeckyBedbug took the usual chat topic away from materialistic issues and on to a much more important topic, charity. The chat made me ask myself why I wasn't using my blog to do more, help more etc. I do have some controversial posts planned for 2015 raising awareness of issues in our society but for me, that's still not enough; I can do more for others, and want to do more. 

Finally, scanning through the daily mail, I came across an article about about Luke Cameron, a fellow blogger who does a good deed every single day in memory of a close friend. The gestures are range from paying for someone's petrol, helping out a neighbour or baking cakes for friends and family. Luke has received some negative comments online about his good deeds, and don't even get me started on how much that disgusts me but we all know how cruel the internet can be! Luke's story made me think about how easy it is to just do something nice for other people, and also how rewarding it must be to know you've made someone happy and made a difference. You can follow Luke's good doing on his blog, here

* photo from Pintrest

We can all make a difference, even with small gestures. So, with all this inspiration to raise awareness of charities and make a difference, I vow to:

Do nice things for others 'just because'
Take every opportunity to make someone's day
Grow some balls and post the controversial charity awareness posts that have been in my drafts for months
Organise charity events in 2015 and encourage charity participation

I already have a list of events I want to organise or activities I would love us all to take part in in 2015 so keep an eye on this space so I can gather up you beautiful people, and together we can make a difference. 

We have a platform to speak and be listened to, use it!

Love Lauren xx


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