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Friday, 19 December 2014

Family photo booth fun this Christmas

The best part about Christmas is spending time with my family, particularly my grandparents as one set lives in Devon so I don't see them often. 

My Grandad has been ill this year and I was obviously heartbroken and sick with worry. I was looking back at holidays/Christmas'/birthday's to find photos of us and I realised I hardly had any at all. Sometimes we're just too busy having fun and enjoying the moment, we forget to take photos, but then regret it later on when you're trying to remember. 

I vowed this Christmas to take loads of photos of us all together (I say the same thing every year and never do), so this year I've decided to be pro-active and set up a photo booth in our house this Christmas. It's so easy to do and seeing as I was getting a camera for Christmas, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity. 

I ordered a photo booth set from Ebay which came with the props and the sticks separately so I've been slowly but surely taping them all together. I'll be setting up my new camera (when I've worked out how to use it!) on a tripod and I plan to find a space in my house with a plain background which may be hard with 8 people, a dog and a LOT of Christmas stuff going on. 

Hopefully this will encourage everyone to get together and take some hilarious photos on Christmas day that we can all keep forever. I'm sure I'll put a couple up on a future post! 

Obviously I got distracted while I was making the props... 

Love Lauren xx


  1. This is such a great idea! :) We never take enough photos in my family might have to try something like this! xxx

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