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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Blog related Christmas gifts 2014

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! I've loved seeing everyone's 'what I got for Christmas' post so I thought I'd share some of the blog related pressies you'll probably be seeing featured here a lot in the future. 

If you regularly read my blog, hopefully you say my bedroom inspiration post as Luke and I were re-decorating our room (you can read it here). We're nearly done but I was still doing my make up on the floor in terrible light (and we all know how disastrous that can be), so Luke bought me a beautiful mirrored dressing table for Christmas! I'll try and take a better photo of it when I'm back from my parents house!

Benefit is a brand I've wanted to try for ages but never never have for whatever reason. Luke bought me all of these goodies which I'm so ridiculously excited to try! Reviews to come. 

Luke's parents always buy the most beautiful gifts and this Christmas was no exception. I can't wait to use all the Sanctuary Spa products in this 'box of delights' particularly the scrub and the radiance exfoliator. 

Until now, I've taken all my blog photos on my phone, and to be honest I don't put much effort into them at all but that's all about to change - I hope! I'm so in love with this camera already. I didn't want anything too fancy as I wouldn't have a clue how to use it but this one is a perfect size and the photos are beautiful. All the photos below are taken on it! 

I loved Make Up Revolution from the first try so obviously there was a pretty hefty wishlist given out to family members. These are all my goodies and I can't wait to try them all out!

I'm sure it's obvious from my previous posts how much I love baking so I was mega excited unwrapping all of these beauties! Look out for future posts using the recipes. 

Geeky baking/food product! A little contraption to make food look pretty. Now I just need to work out what would work best with it!

I do love a good tray bake so these are 5 disposable foil trays for all my baking pleasure.

This present definitely excited me the most. I eat rice 24/7 so I've wanted this rice steamer for aaages - sad, I know! 

Send me the links to all of your Christmas pressie posts if you haven't already. There'll be reviews on everything featured in this post soon although I don't actually know where to start! 

Hope everyone has a fabulous New Year!

Love Lauren xx



  1. I got the same camera for xmas!

  2. The camera is amazing. I'm also saving for a good camera, not only for the blog, but also because I like photography and that stuff.

    xx Cecil //

  3. Lots of great gifts! Merry Christmas :)

  4. I got the sanctuary gift set too! can't wait to use it :)

  5. Wow, you got some really nice goodies! I love the all the benefit things and that camera looks so good! I love seeing what other people received xx

  6. Such wonderful gifts, look at all that Benefit! I love the sound of the microwaveable rice steamer, I had no idea they existed haha :)

    Leanne | Little Babble

  7. Wow you're so lucky, i love your camera. Hope yo had a great day!

    Emma at


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