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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Carving

Okay so this was last years pumpkin, but I get to cheat because I'm not going to have time to do one this year boo :(

I've always made the standard, childlike pumpkins similar to that of the artwork of a 5 year old but last year my house mate and I decided to try and attempt something that could potentially be quite impressive. 

We knew we wanted to do a Disney pumpkin (duh!) so we found this photo online and tried to draw it on to the pumpkin. Obviously we failed miserably and almost gave up completely before having the genius idea of printing out the image and using it as a template

It took a couple of attempts to print it out the right size for our pumpkin. There's probably a more intelligent way to do it but it used trial and error!

We then cut out all the black parts of the image as this was what we wanted to be cut out of the pumpkin - don't worry too much about it being neat!

After it was cut out, we blu-taked the template to the pumpkin and drew around it and began hacking away.

I'm not going to lie, it took all day with everything from a hair pin to a pen and an earing to try and carve it (we were poor students ok!!!) but we were so proud of the end result. 

I had electric candles so we filled the pumpkin with them without any chance of it bursting into flames.

Looking forward to seeing all of your pumpkins tomorrow!!

Love Lauren xx



  1. this is great love it! I haven't had time this year either such a shame :( xx

    1. So annoying isn't it! We'll have to have a pumpkin carving blogger meet up next year! xx

  2. Really adorable! We don't really carve pumpkins. Halloween isn't that big here but I wish it was celebrated more, such a fun holiday!

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl's Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  3. Love it, how adorable! :)
    I carved my very first pumpkin this year (at the age of 20!), click
    HERE to see it :)

    Danielle xo || mylilyotv

  4. Love the disney pumpkin so cute!

    1. This is class. I haven't carved a pumpjin in years I'd end up losing a finger lol xx

    2. haha thanks! It did take a very long time... particularly as we were carving with an earring haha (don't ask!) xx


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