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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Thoughtful Thursdays: A Little Musical Inspiration

Driving along on the way back from work with my iPod on shuffle, Jessie J's 'Stand Up' came bursting out of my speakers. I was stuck in traffic (shocker) and really listened to the lyrics (instead of just blindly singing at the top of my voice) and realised how meaningful they could be to us. 

If you surround yourself with negative people
You'll never feel settled in or become equal, no
They'll suppress you of your spirit and rinse you dry of smiles
So reach deep and release your inner child. Yeah, Yeah!

So Stand Up! For the Love, Love, Love
So Stand Up! For the Love, Love, Love
So Stand Up! Yeah

'Cause you're as old as you feel you are
And if you don't reach for the moon you can't fall on the stars
So I live my life like every day is the last, last, last
'Cause you're as old as you feel you are
And if you don't reach for the moon you can't fall on the stars
So I live my life like every day is the last, last, last

If you let a frown become your normality, yes
You don't set an example for the youth of our humanity
If you spend every day wishing for the next to come
Aged and lifeless is what (Yes!) you'll become. Yeah, Yeah!

So Stand Up! For the Love, Love, Love
So Stand Up! For the Love, Love, Love
So Stand Up! Yeah

'Cause you're as old as you feel you are
And if you don't reach for the moon you can't fall on the stars
So I live my life like every day is the last, last, last
'Cause you're as old as you feel you are
And if you don't reach for the moon you can't fall on the stars
So I live my life like every day is the last, last, last
I live my life like every day is the last

So in all the bad and the good will soon come
Don't think second best
Be number one
Spread some love
Don't give to receive
Strive to be happy
And live to believe
So in all the bad and the good will soon come
Don't think second best
Be number one
Spread some love
Don't give to receive
Strive to be happy
And live to believe. Yeah Yeah Yeah!

So Stand Up! For the Love, Love, Love
So Stand Up! For the Love, Love, Love
So Stand Up! For the Love, Love, Love
So Stand Up! For the Love, Love, Love
So let me see you. Yeah Yeah!
'Cause you're as old as you feel you are
And if you don't reach for the moon you can't fall on the stars
So I live my life like every day is the last, last, last
'Cause you're as old as you feel you are
And if you don't reach for the moon you can't fall on the stars
So I live my life like every day is the last, last, last

So Stand Up! For the lololololololololololove Yeah
So Stand Up! For the lololololololololololove Yeah
*Lyrics from AZLyrics 

There's so much good advice in this song, my favourite part is 
'If you spend every day wishing for the next to come. Aged and lifeless is what you'll become'. I'm definitely guilty of wishing days away whether it was wishing my dissertation away or a bad day at work. I think we sometimes forget to appreciate every single day. 

I also love the 
'Spread some love. Don't give to receive. Strive to be happy. And live to believe' 
part, these are all things I need to put into practice more often. 

I haven't been able to get this song out of my head since my little revelation in the traffic jam, I keep finding myself singing it, which is good at it reminds me to put all of these things into practice!

If you have a song that particularly inspires you, let us know! We could all do with a little inspiration every now and then!

Love Lauren xx

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Confessing My Sins and Writing New Vows

Whilst I blog about beauty, love trying out new products, have a pretty good knowledge of products and the dos and don'ts of beauty related issues, I'll be the first to admit I'm ridiculously lazy when it comes to my routine. 

I've come up with list of my beauty vows so now they're written down and published for all of you to see and maybe this will encourage me to actually keep them up (hopefully for longer than I can keep up my New Years resolutions anyway)
  1. Experiment with make-up
    I have the same make-up routine pretty much everyday and only minor adjustments for an evening look. I wear dark smokey eyes without a doubt everyday but really need to start experimenting with nudes seeing as there's so many amazing Nude palettes out there
  2. Experiment with products
    I've always been really bad experimenting with new products which I think has come from a fear of not wanting to waste money on a rubbish product. I've definitely got much better since blogging, feeing it's my duty to try out loads of products to review them for you guys, and also your recommendations persuade me to buy things I never would have before. I definitely vow to be more experimental when it comes to trying new products!
  3. Wash my make-up brushes more often
    I currently wash my make-up brushes roughly once every two weeks but I still feel like that isn't enough. I need to dedicate an hour a week (no exceptions) to cleaning them up!
  4. Take my make-up off at night
    Ok this is a bad one. Prepare for the world's beauty bloggers to have a disgusted look on their face right now... but I rarely take my make-up off! I think that's quite an admission for a beauty blogger to admit to this but it's about time I confessed my sins! I only take my make-up off and cleanse and moisturise properly in the morning! Part habit, part laziness and part I always get bad skin when I take my make-up off at night! Hence the reason for my next vow
  5. Find a proper skin care routine to suit my skin
    One of the reasons I stopped taking my make-up off at night was due to getting bad skin when I did so. I have no idea why, I just did! When this happened I didn't change my routine to find alternative options, I took the lazy way out and started to only take it off in the morning. Obviously I know how bad it is to leave make-up on overnight (don't need to tell me!) so now I'm vowing time to find the perfect combination of products and to dedicate time every night to taking my make-up off and looking after my skin properly, which leads me on to my next beauty vow...
  6. Moisturise head to toe
    Without fail, I moisturise my face after I take my make-up off in the morning but that's most definitely not enough. Yet again, I'm lazy (shock) and rarely moisturise all over due to the time is takes. I literally need a 30 second routine! I've read loads of good reviews of the Vaseline Spray and Go moisturiser, and apparently it's particularly good for lazy people like me so I definitely need to give it a go!
  7. Use heat protection
    Another awful confession... I don't use any heat protection on my hair! I do consider my hair to be in quite good condition, I don't dye it and rarely use heat on it but I definitely do need to invest in some heat protection
  8. Throw out old make-up and products
    I'm pretty sure we're all guilty of this one, I rarely finish a product, I just buy more or get distracted having found an alternative. I have so many drawers at home of make-up and beauty products probably only used once or twice just gathering dust. Products have a use by date on the label which is generally between 6 and 12 months. Based on this probably half my stuff can be chucked, I'm just not sure I have the heart yet! I think this might be one vow I'll break...

So there's my confessions in black and white. This is what happens when you have two jobs, a blog and are studying for another two courses on the side... Definitely too lazy when it comes to looking after myself properly! 

I hereby promise to try and keep all my new vows! If anyone has any product recommendations based on my vows, please let me know!! 

Anyone else got anything to confess? I can't be the only one surely?!

Love Lauren xx

Monday, 28 July 2014

Homemade Fresh Fruit Sorbet

As I don’t like anything milky and don’t eat ice cream, I have come to love sorbet. There’s nothing better on a hot day than a fruit sorbet in my mind so when my family bought a Lakeland ice cream maker, I instantly decided to try and make my own sorbet. 

I researched a couple of recipes online and in some of the many cookery books we have at home and finally settled on a mango and raspberry sorbet from Alex Barker's '500 ice creams and sorbets' book. I was pleasantly surprised at how little ingredients were needed which is always a bonus. The instructions seemed fairly straight forward too which I was happy about as it was my first try.

The Lakeland Ice cream maker made the whole process so much easier, I definitely wouldn’t recommend making sorbet by hand unless you have a lot of time and patience – which I don’t! 

The recipe, photos and instructions of each stage can be seen below and I can safely say the final product was aaaaamazing! Genuinely tasted as good as (if not better than) shop bought sorbet if I do say so myself. I’d definitely recommend the ice cream maker and the recipe, I’m so excited to try other flavours, particularly as it was so easy to make! If I can do it – anyone can!


Juice of 1 lemon
Juice of 1/2 orange
115g or 4oz caster sugar
1 large ripe mango
1 large egg white - whisked
475ml or 16 fl oz mashed raspberries - sieved if you wish 

  1. Mash the raspberries and sieve them if you prefer them seedless 
  2. Squeeze the juice of one lemon and the juice of half an orange
  3. Peel and stone the mango
  4. Reduce the mango to a purée in a blender
  5. Mix the lemon and orange juices with the sugar
  6. Whisk up the egg white
  7. Transfer the lemon and orange juices, raspberries and mango into a large bowl and stir together
  8. Fold in the whisked egg white
  9. Pour into an ice cream maker and process according to the manufacturer's instructions or pour into a freezer container and freeze using the hand-mixing method
  10. When the sorbet is firm it can be put in a container and transferred to the freezer
  11. Serve on it's own or with a few slices of mango/a handful of raspberries 

*Photos below are in order of instructions*

I'll be honest, I just used a whole box of raspberries and didn't really measure them out - bad chef! I decided to sieve them as raspberries have so many seeds. Everything left in the sieve is just the seeds from one box!

My first time peeling and stoning a mango! I'll admit mumma had to show me but at least I learnt a new skill!! How big are the stones!?!

This cute baby blender is perfect for blending small amounts

Remember to fold the egg white in carefully so you don't loose all the air you've just whisked in!

Using this Ice Cream Maker from Lakeland made the whole process so easy. The bowl needed to be pre-frozen, then all I had to do was pour in the mixture and put the timer on for 25 minutes. Everything else was done for me!

Ta-dahhhhhh finished product and it was SO yummy! Perfect for the nice sunny days we're having at the moment! The container can stay in the freezer and can be kept for a couple of months to enjoy whenever - I'm sure this tub won't last long in my house!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Payday Wishlist #1

Tomorrow will be my first payday in a graduate job - so exciting! To mark the occasion I thought a wishlist was in order! There's too many things I actually want but these will be in first purchases! I've put links in where I can!

Clockwise from top left corner

Yes I've been living under a rock - I've never tried Real Techniques brushes! But now I'm no longer a student (boo :-/) I think it's time to invest seeing as I've never seen a bad review on them!

I've heard so many amazing things about Tangle Teezers but never got round to buying one. I saw Avon is now selling one in the brochure so come order day next week that's the first thing I'm going to buy to sort out my ratty mess of hair!

I was introduced to these candles by the beautiful Jaq at Lazy Days Beauty and I'm so excited to try them! I've heard amazing things!!

A Victoria's Secret Body
Anyone who knows me, would know I'm the world's biggest lover of Victoria's Secret. Next on my wishlist is a VS body obviously. Mannnn I wish this is something money could buy, but in all seriousness, I am planning on going on a VS splurge for all new workout gear to go with my brand new gym membership! In my book, that makes me half way there... in my dreams anyway!

Victoria's Secret Mists
Speaking of Victoria's Secret, I'd buy the whole shop if I could - literally! One thing I'm dying to get more of is the fragrance mists as mine are just running out. They smell amazing, are really strong so you only need a tiny spray and they last forrrrever (well almost anyway)

Statement Bling Ring
The inner chav loves a bit of bling, I also love rings, yellow diamonds and pear cut stones so ta-dahhhhh... dream ring! Still haven't completely decided on this one as there's a few I love at the moment but to mark the end of uni and my new beginnings, I think I deserve a little treat that I was wear everyday to remind me to keep working hard!

I love a foundation, and am on a quest to find 'The One'. Give me any foundation and I'll try it, and this one is next on my hit list! I've seen a couple of positive blog posts about it and that's good enough for me!

I'm sure you'll all be updated on my purchases! Send me your wishlists ladies, I'd love to read them!

Love Lauren xx


Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Hunt For The Perfect Nude Lip

I love lipstick on other people, I just hate it on myself! I think it's probably because I always wear such heavy eye makeup, and my hair is bright blonde, I feel like it's always a bit made up! 

I've been searching for a ridiculous amount of time for the perfect nude lipstick, just to look like I have a bit of something on, but nothing too noticeable. I always find nude's are either too pink or too brown, nothing is ever just right...until now!

Being an Avon rep obviously I love to try out all the new products. We get a brochure every campaign detailing all the new products that will be out soon to buy samples or demos to showcase, and when I saw the new nude range, I had to give it a go! 

I went for Extreme Nude in the hope I would finally find one I loved, and I wasn't wrong! When I first unwrapped it, I was worried it was going to be too brown as my lips are naturally quite pink but having applied it, it blended in and bought out the colour in my lips even more. It has a slight shine which I love and goes on smoothly. The colour is absolutely perfect, just what I've been looking for, I just wish the colour lasted a bit longer! 

 I think I may have to buy another one just so I can have one in my makeup bag and one in my handbag! Contact your Avon representative for more information on the new range out soon!

Love Lauren xx

Saturday, 19 July 2014

The Workout Excuses

I’m an excuse queen. I think it’s actually a talent – coming up with as many excuses as possible for doing something I don’t want to do. Exercise is a prime example. I’ve been making excuses not to exercise for as long as I can remember but now I’ve decided enough is enough.

I sat there going through my long list of excuses, trying to counteract all of them until I have no excuses left and I’d actually have to get off my bum and do something. I thought I’d share the excuse list and the solution list with you all so maybe we can (together) stop making excuses and start moving. Works in theory right?! Worth a try anyway...

Excuse: Trainers - I can’t find comfy trainers/I can’t afford expensive trainers

Problem: Throughout my life I’ve had those random few months when I try and get into exercise (before failing miserably), and each time I buy a new pair of trainers which end up hurting the arches of my feet when I’ve been in the gym. Ok I wasn’t spending a fortune on trainers, which maybe I should have been but beggars can’t be choosers can they?!

Solution: As most of you probably know, I’m an Avon rep and always make an effort to try out all of their products (hard life, I know!) so I jumped at the chance to purchase their toning trainers at an amazing price of £15.00. They were pink at the time but now Avon do peach colour ones in case you’re looking for them in the brochure! I swear to God, they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn in all my life. I’d wear them all day with every outfit if I could - Shame pink trainers don’t really go with a LBD. They are the best reason to work out because I don’t have the usual feet and ankle ache I’ve had in the past – and they’re toning trainers which is obviously a bonus! Contact your local Rep to put in an order! 

Excuse: I have no space at home

Problem: I always use this excuse, my family home has too many people, a dog and too much furniture to have space to exercise and run around in and my boyfriend lives in a small one bedroom flat in London so obviously there’s not much space there. Even though I use this excuse all the time, when I think about it, it’s a ridiculous reason not to work out!

Solution: You only need a tiny space to work out, it you can fit your body in there and move your arms and legs, that’s enough so that’s that excuse out the window! 

Excuse: I don’t have any equipment/I can’t afford equipment

Problem: We all know treadmills are expensive, but you don’t need fancy equipment for a good workout. You don’t need any equipment at all, but there are some cheaper alternatives to investing in a full on gym in your spare room! 

Solution: While this isn’t an excuse at all, you don’t need any equipment to exercise, I've picked up a few items recently that I can't wait to try out! 

Avon Rope-less weighted skipping rope - this is a perfect way to solve the no space issue too, the weights on the end of the rope ensure you still have the same workout as you would with a rope, but without the need for space. There's also a counter on the handle so you don't even need to keep track of how many you've done! Contact your local Avon rep for more info on this beauty!

Amazon Yoga Mat - You can pick up so many bargins on Amazon, I really need to use it more! I got this Yoga mat for £8 and absolutely love it. It's perfect as we have wooden floors so there's no way to do any floor exercises without damaging your back. It's really lightweight, easy to roll up and store away, and surprisingly comfy. Obviously the colour is a bonus too!

Avon Key Pocket for Running - I've recently purchased  a key pocket for running, it hooks around the laces of you trainers with Velcro and is big enough to hold your keys - because nobody wants to run along holding them! I haven't actually tried it yet as it only came last week so I'll let you all know how I get on!

Excuse: I don’t know what to do

Problem: Having not had any education in fitness, I always think I have no ideas on what moves to do for what, blah blah blah; yet another big invalid excuse of mine

Solution: With this amazing invention we call the internet, we have access to almost every piece of information we could possibly want. There’s websites, videos, podcasts, blogs, literally everything you can think of, all at the touch of a button. I personally love to use Youtube, but that’s for another post!

I also buy fitness DVDs from Amazon, they’re so cheap, you can pick them up for a couple of pounds. After trying close to 20 different brands, I’ve finally found one a LOVE! The 10 minute solutions range is absolutely fabulous. It splits a work out into 5 manageable 10 minute sections focusing on a different area. The moves are easy, and you don’t need to be particularly coordinated like you do with the dance-y workout DVDs which is a bonus. They routines are repetitive which keeps me focused and the range of DVDs is massive, literally everything from yoga to kickboxing. I currently have 7 DVDs from the 10 minute solutions range and it just keeps growing!

So now I'm out of excuses... looks like I'm off to join the gym!

Love Lauren xx 


Monday, 14 July 2014

Healthy Selves: Water - Increasing Intake

Following my last post on the importance and benefits of drinking plenty of water, I thought I’d share a post with a few tips on how to encourage yourself to drink more. 
I know I’m awful for drinking, I rarely even drink half of what I should be in a day so I’m going to be following these tips too!
  • Have a drink with every snack and mealThis will encourage you to drink more without even really realising it
  • Choose drinks you enjoy
    You're likely to drink more liquids if you like the way they taste. 
    Obviously plain water is the best thing to be drinking but if you need a little more flavour, add a drop of no added sugar squash, as it’s better than not drinking anything!
  • Eat more fruit and vegetables
    Their high water content will add to your hydration. About 20% of our fluid intake comes from foods
  • Have a bottle handyKeep a bottle of water on you at all times for instant hydration
  • Make goals
    Put an elastic band (or in most of our cases, a hairband) around your water bottle and move it down an inch or two every time you have a sip. Next time you take a drink, aim to drink down to where the band it, then move it down further ready for the next sip
  • AppsThere are loads of apps available for both Andriod and iPhone to remind you to drink and to record how much you’re drinking so you can always keep track
  • Buy a water filterFor those who don’t fancy tap water, instead of spending a fortune on bottled water, invest in a water filter and you can have bottled water at home for a fraction of the price

Hope these help! If you have any other tips I haven't mentioned, leave them below - sharing's caring and all that!!

Let me know how you all get on - I'll keep you posted on my progress!!

Love Lauren xx


Sunday, 13 July 2014

Healthy Selves: Water

I’ve decided to start the Healthy Selves series inspired by the Monday night blogger chat. If you follow me on twitter (@blonde_vision), you’ll know I started a nutrition course back in May so I wanted to use everything I’m learning in that, plus a bit of extra reading to put together this series which will cover a variety of health and nutrition topics.

I know I’m ridiculously guilty of not drinking enough water everyday so I thought it would be helpful to put this list together of benefits of water to keep reminding us all to drink up!

Although the authenticity and scientific reasoning behind drinking 8 glasses of water a day has been debated throughout the press recently, there’s no denying that drinking a good amount of water everyday has numerous health benefits.

  1. Drinking water helps maintain the balance of your bodily fluids
    Your body is made up of approximately 60% water, which is needed for digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients and the maintenance of your body temperature
  2. Stay slimmer with water!We all know, but I think sometimes we all forget that water has no calories whatsoever. Choosing water over a fizzy drink or coffee is an easy way to reduce your daily calories without really thinking about it! Water also revs up your metabolism and helps you feel full, especially if it’s icy cold as your body will work harder to warm the water up. Drink a glass of water before meals to help you feel fuller
  3. Water-rich foods tend to be healthyFoods with a higher water content are absorbed into the body more slowly which help you to feel full. Water-rich foods include fruits, vegetables, broth-based soups, oatmeal and beans
  4. Water boosts your energyIt’s a known fact that dehydration makes you feel tired so always keep water handy. The right amount of water will help your heat pump blood more effectively, and also helps transport oxygen and other essential nutrients to your cells. Your brain is made up of approximately 70-80% water which means drinking will help you think, focus and concentrate better as well as boosting your energy at the same time
  5. Water helps to energize musclesDrinking enough fluids is important when exercising. When muscle cells don’t have adequate fluids, they don’t work as well and performance can suffer. Cells that don’t maintain their balance of fluids can result in muscle fatigue. Drinking water also helps muscle cramping and lubricates joints in the body; when you’re well hydrated you can exercise longer and stronger
  6. Water helps keep skin looking goodProbably most important for us beauty bloggers! Dehydration makes skin look more dry and wrinkled which can be improved by proper hydration – not that being over hydrated is going to get rid of wrinkles unfortunately ladies, but it will help skin look more healthy. Water flushes out impurities and improves circulation and blood flow helping your skin to glow

The exact amount of water you need depends on your size, level of activity, general health, the water and so many more factors so the ‘8 glasses a day’ is merely a general guideline. Listen to your body and make sure you drink plenty – it won't do any harm! 

My next Healthy Selves post will be on ‘how to up your water intake’ so for those (like me) who definitely don’t drink enough, check back soon!

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Missguided Wishlist #1

After seeing Missguided had a sale on, I couldn't help but have a little browse. I can safely say I love pretty much everything on there at the moment but here's a little list of my top picks! Hello broken bank account...

Shilin Mint Mesh Panel Strappy Dress

I love pretty much every dress on Missguided at the moment but particularly love these summer colours. I've been wanting to try a midi dress for ages, they make an outfit look classy and sophisticated whilst still being sexy!


I wear a LOT of block colour, all white or all black (mostly black) so these jackets are a brilliant way to brighten up a boring block colour outfit!

Silveria Belted Jumpsuit
Kelsey Chiffon Strappy Playsuit

I love jumpsuits but always struggle to find any that fit my 5ft nothing body! Doesn't stop me from lusting after these though! 

Kristine Cigarette Trousers wit Zip Detail

I've been wanting to try some cigarette trousers for ages, I'm not sure they'll actually suit me but no time like the present!

Check out the Missguided sale while it lasts! Trust me, there's some amazing stuff on there!!

Love Lauren xx


Friday, 11 July 2014

Makeup Revolution Wishlist #1

After my first Makeup Revolution order (post can be viewed here), I've been fully converted so thought it was only right to post a wishlist with everything I'll be buying in my next order. Seeing as I haven't touched another eyeshadow palette since I got my Urban Decay Shattered for Christmas, I thought it's time for a change so here we are...
Ultra 32 Shade Eyeshadow Palette - Flawless

I wear a dark smokey eye every single day, (I definitely hide behind it) but I know it's time to create some more subtle looks with golds and bronze, particularly as it's summer so I saw this palette and fell in love! There's still a good amount of dark shades for those days when I'm not feeling s adventurous but there's so many new ones to try I'm already getting excited about which ones would look good together!

5 Baked Eyeshadows - Bang Bang

Err... 5 eyeshadows for £2.50?! Yes please!! As I've just said I'm a dark smokey lover when it comes to eyes so this has my name written all over it. Not sure I need to say anything else on that one!

Baked Highlighter - Golden Lights

I absolutely loved he Peach Lights highlighter I got in my first order so it only seems right to try out another shade! 

Redemption 12 Shade Palette - Day to Night

What's not to love about these shades?! I can sense this one becoming my new go-to eyeshadow palette! 

Salvation Palette - What you waiting for?

I've seen this palette reviewed on a few blogs this week and while it's not what I'd usually go for, the colours are perfect for daytime eyes which is what I need to practice so this one's a no-brainer!

So there's the wishlist! I only got my last order two days ago so I'm trying to hold out a while before my next one to avoid the spending spiral I get myself into when I'm obsessed with new brands! Not sure how long it'll last though! I'm dying to try the foundation but I'm the world's biggest foundation critic so I'm scared! Has anyone else tried it yet?

Love Lauren xx

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Makeup Revolution Haul #1

A minute doesn't go past in the blogging world without someone talking/tweeting/posting about Makeup Revolution so obviously I've been dying to check out their products. I had high expectations seeing as so many other beauty bloggers were impressed - and we're the toughest critics aren't we?! 

I probably could have bought everything on the website but for my first order, narrowed it down to these five beautys!

Baked Highlighter: Peach Lights
Baked Bronzer: Peach Lights
Eyeshadow: In the Deep and Eden
Out of this world merged Eyeshadow: Collection Starburst

 When I first swatched this on my hand I was worried I bought a shade too light as you can see in the photo but once it was on it was perfect! I was amazed at how pigmented the colour was, I only needed one swirl of my brush (I'm usually a vigorous swirler!) and that's more than enough product. I love the shimmer, it's perfect for summer and the best part is the size of the product! I'm pretty sure it'll last me forever even using it every day, and I'm glad!

I'm a massive highlighter lover, particularly on these lovely sunny days to give an overall glow, and this one is perfect. You only need the tiniest dab of product for daytime and just a little more at night as it's so pigmented. This is another product that'll last me forever which is a massive plus from me, particularly as it was only £3!

I have bright, ice blue eyes and love using a touch of colour around the outer edge to make my eyes really pop and it eyeshadow definitely doesn't disappoint! Again, it's highly pigmented so hardly any is needed, it also has a lovely shimmer and blends well! I still can't believe it was only £1!!

I bought this eyeshadow to blend in with my smokey eye when I want something a bit different and it works a treat. Similarly to the 'In the Deep' eyeshadow, 'Eden' is highly pigmented and blends well.

As soon as I saw the merged eyeshadows, I fell in love! With the sprinkles of gold and glitter, this is perfect for a night out and looks great with a smokey eye. Be careful when applying though, I ended up getting glitter on my hands and then wiped it all across my face - not ideal!

Overall Verdict

I have officially joined the revolution!

I'm in love with the quality, pigmentation, price and size of the products - so pretty much everything. I'm already writing my wishlist for my next order! Please start doing makeup brushes too!!! 

So here are the products in action! I've used the Makeup Revolution bronzer and highlighter with In the Deep eyeshadow on the right of the photo and Eden on the left - not that the quality of the silly photo is good enough to tell - trust me it looks better in real life!
(and yes I am in my dressing gown with un-brushed hair)

Also need to say how amazing Makeup Revolution's social media team are - I think every brand should take note of how they engage with customers. At least someone is embracing social media for business in the right way!

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