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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Mac Duty Free Mini-Haul

I'm sure not many of us can walk through Duty Free at the airport without being tempted to buy something! My much loved Chanel Vita Lumiere foundation has run low extremely quickly so I knew I needed a new foundation and what better opportunity. 

I haven't used Mac foundations for years but thought it was time to try them out again. The lovely girls at Mac Luton Airport did a lovely job (despite rushing as my flight was called mid-powder)!

I ended up buying a foundation and  primer, they used a lovely bronzer on me but unfortunately it was out of stock which was probably just as well but I'm sure I'll be purchasing it when I get home!

MAC Prep + Prime Primer

Obviously I couldn't just go in there and buy a foundation, it just makes sense to buy the primer too right?! I've read so much about the Mac Prep + Prime so I thought it would be a good time to buy it. 

I've tried out this primer a few times now since I've been away and I love it! It's so velvety and makes my foundation much smoother. I'd be really interested to see what it looks like underneath my normal Chanel foundation (which I didn't bring on holiday) as I'll know whether it's the new Mac foundation or the primer (or both) making all the difference to my skin. Also love how much longer lasting my foundation is after applying it! 

MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 in NC35

Anyone who knows me would know I'm massively obsessed with foundation and forever on a quest to find 'The One' so I'll never turn down an opportunity to try a new one. 

This colour was a shade to dark for me when I bought it at the airport but knowing I was about to sit on a sunbed for a week to soak up the sunshine, I thought it best to go darker! I did think the colouring was quite yellow at first look but maybe that's just the bottle?! 


This was taken the first day of the holiday so the shade is still slightly too dark but the foundation takes really well to the skin, minimises pores and gives an all over flawless finish (used with the primer too!). Seems to be long lasting and has barely needed a touch-up during the evenings despite the humidity and wind here which is promising. I'll be interested to try it when I'm back home to see how it holds after a day in the office so I'll keep you posted! Now all I need to do is invest in some decent foundation brushes, I'm finding the flat brush quite hard to work with now as it just lays foundation onto the skin - may be time to try a buffing brush!

If anyone has a foundation (or brush) recommendation please send it my way!

Love Lauren xx

*Note: These photos haven't been edited and are true to colour :-)


  1. Big fan of studio fix.. its my go to Mac foundation xx

    1. Yeah I forgot how much I like it! What do you apply it with hun? xx


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