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Friday, 30 May 2014

Minty Fresh

My first post is dedicated to my new love of all things mint, reviewing all the items I've bought this month (and yes I know I've gone a bit mint-crazy!).

1. The Bag

First and foremost, my biggest love, the Bieno handbag from Aldo, a graduation present from my lovely boyfriend. I wanted to stay away from my ever-safe staple black tote and find something fresh and summery to go with all the white and pastels I've been wearing this spring/summer and this bag fits the bill perfectly. With a touch of mint along with two tones of neutral it's not too much that it will clash with my outfits which I love. It's a medium-sized satchel with a zip fastening, an outside and inside zip pocket and comes with a longer strap for when it's just too much like hard work to actually carry it! Slightly worried about how easily it will mark as I'm not sure it will leave my arm this summer but regardless, I'm in love! 

2. The Jeans

These Boohoo Trixie 3 button front Super Stretch Denim Jeans were definitely a great buy for only £20. Not the most amazing material, as they have a slight shine but most importantly they're comfy, stretchy and have so far kept their colour after a few washes. 

3. The Bodycon Skirt

Another purchase from Boohoo, the Maisy Basic Bodycon Mini Skirt priced at just £6. Unfortunately the quality of material wasn't great, whilst the skirt was lightweight and did look good on in terms of shape, the material was completely and utterly see-through. After trying every type of underwear imaginable, there's no way I'd ever be wearing this in public so it was quickly returned! If anyone knows where I can find a nice mint bodycon skirt, please let me know as I'm still on the look-out!

4. The Blazer

Mint 3/4 Sleeve Single Button Blazer. I'm the biggest blazer lover, they can instantly smarten-up a jeans and tee combo and for me, are a great way to add a pop of colour to the standard black outfits I wear all too often. I wasn't sure on the material of this blazer at first as it's light, textured and doesn't seem to hold much structure but it's a perfect option as a more casual daytime jacket. The shape holds well once on and has quickly become a summer staple. 

5. The Nail Varnish

Available from your local Avon representative (i.e Me!), this nail varnish in Serene has been my summer favourite since last year. The colour is highly pigmented and goes on smoothly so you only really need one coat, although I usually do two. If you haven't used Avon's nail varnishes before, check them out - they're all amazing and the range of colours is immense. I'm sure I'll be writing a future post amount my ridiculously large collection!  

6. The Bikini

Whilst this bikini is currently on order and hasn't yet arrived I had to include it to just admire it's beauty! Not that it'll look anywhere near as amazing on my far from perfect body but I pray I love it as much when it arrives as I do now! I'll keep you posted!
Well there's the extent of this month's mint obsession, and I'm not sure it'll stop there! I'd love to hear about all of your mint purchases! Does anyone else love the colour as much as I do?!


Lauren x


Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Hello Beautiful Bloggers

I've been saying for ages how much I want to write a blog, but have always felt guilty spending time writing when I had an obscene amount of Uni work to do! Now my four year degree is over, I'm free and ready to join the club!

After throwing around ideas of a specialised blog for a while, in all honesty, I have so many hobbies and interests I'd love to share with you all, it would be a shame not to include posts about everything with no limit to blog genre. So, here's what to expect (mostly anyway) on Blonde Vision in the coming months!


Lauren x

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