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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Why my life has been so crazy this year

In three years of blogging, I've never had a big break from it. I truly love it, from coming up with the ideas, writing everything that comes into my head, and of course sharing it with everyone on my social channels. Without my blog, I feel like a part of me is missing, but sometimes, life gets in the way. This time, it was for a long time!

I feel like I've been pretty manic all this year to be honest so I wanted to get everything off my chest as things are slowly beginning to calm down and reflect on the last 6 months. 

January started off with the biggest event my department organises which had lots of last minute dramas from our venue going into administration to major fog issues on the day meaning EVERY single flight was delayed or cancelled - the joys of working in events.

I then went on a lovely hosted holiday and got to take my Mummy which was a well needed break after the stress of January's event. 

February, I was catching up with work, before going to Berlin for a week to run an event for 100 people, which went really well. After Berlin, I had one day at home to rest before flying to Sorrento to run an event for our senior management team. It was one of the most breathtaking places I've ever been and that event really touched me. I had some time to really think about how lucky I have been, being able to travel with work and see such beautiful places that I would never be able to on my own. 

Days after I got back from Sorrento was my 25th Birthday which meant a month of celebrations with my friends and family. 

In April, Luke and I went on our big trip to Jamaica. It was a holiday we kind of booked on a whim as Sandals had a massive sale but I have always wanted to go and try out one of their resorts so I was literally squirming with excitement. Unfortunately, the weather was pretty rubbish most of the time we were there, with pretty constantly torrential rain for half the holiday which was absolutely gutting as it's the most money I've ever spent on anything and I felt we didn't enjoy it to it's full potential. 

BUT, that being said, the holiday turned into something so much more special when Luke asked me to marry him a couple of days in. I was completely surprised, even more so when I saw that he'd bought me the Vera Wang rock I'd been obsessing over for MONTHS. I'm still pretty blown away by everything and surprisingly emotional about the whole thing. I cannot believe I'm getting married...

After we got back from our incredible holiday, I had the most ginormous mountain of work to do and three days in the office before jetting off to Berlin the first week of May. MAJOR STRESS. I had another event for 100 people and from then on my life went from busy to absolutely ridiculously insane. Every other week I was in a different country running another event and I felt like I couldn't catch up with anything, or anyone. I had an event in Paris which I was extremely nervous about due to terror alerts, and whilst I was there the tragic Manchester bombing happened which completely shook me.

In June, Luke and I decided to gatecrash my parents holiday to Mallorca and fly out there to book our wedding venue which was more stressful than it should have been thanks to the venue being difficult over certain things and me not being the standard cookie cutter type bride. 

As soon as I was back from Mallorca, work went into overdrive yet again. I was in Madrid for a couple of days then flew straight to San Francisco, a trip I had wanted to go on for a long time. 

Unfortunately as soon as I landed, I knew I didn't feel 100% and then started more than two weeks of illness. It started as a water infection, then I got a cold and cough, which turned into laryngitis and to top it all off, I had an eye infection. I know the reason I got ill was most likely because I was run down from working so much, travelling so much and also planning the wedding and engagement party. I always put so much pressure on myself to deliver 100% and I never say no which is a massive downfall for me. 

So that takes us up to today. I'm still sick, but at least I have a weekend of rest because next week I'm in Amsterdam running an event for 50 people and on Saturday, we have our engagement party, which we've completely gone all out on. 

During all of this time I was going completely crazy at the gym going up to 8 hours a week. I don't feel like I was obsessed in a negative way, I just found things that I really love doing. Luke and I were going to classes together and my body was changing in ways I never thought it would. I made a friend who was equally as keen as we spent every day together doing a variety of gym classes including body pump, spinning, pilates, zumba and legs bums and tums. 

So I guess you get the picture. I didn't intend to take such a big blogging break, and I'm definitely not sorry I did considering how busy I have been, and how drained I feel right now as a result of a crazy 6 months. My blog is my space, and I'll do with it what I wish, when I wish, I appreciate that it is a hobby and sometimes real life stuff (i.e relationships and things that actually pay for my gigantic London mortgage) has to take precedent. But I do miss blogging so so much. 

I've missed you all so much and thank you for sticking with me and supporting me, especially everyone on Twitter, whilst I get my crazy life in order. After my trip to Amsterdam this week, I have 6 solid weeks at home and I'm SO excited... but then September - November is going to be even more crazy than the first 6 months of this year with lots of back to back events all across Europe. I'm bracing myself already... but for now, I'm just going to enjoy getting back to writing and sharing all the content I've been planning for all of these months. 

I've still been taking photos of everything as always, and my blog post ideas list has just reached over 100 so I have PLENTY of content to come. I just need to learn to say no to other people, and take more time out for myself, to sit here, relax, and write.  

So I'm back, and happy to be writing again. I guess with our new engagement there's a whole another chapter of my blog waiting to be explored, all about weddings, because I've now turned into the most obsessed bride! 

Things I've learnt this year

- Don't say yes to everyone and everything
- You don't need to aim for 100%, 80% is absolutely fine
- Take time out for yourself
- Look after number one, YOU

Love Lauren xx


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  1. Goodness me Lauren, you work so hard! I don't know how you do it! I've learnt over the last few months to start saying no to things too because everything was just getting too much. So sorry to hear your holiday to Jamaica had plenty of rain but hopefully the proposal made up for it! Stunning ring, it's beautiful x



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