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Friday, 9 March 2018

Things to consider when buying bridal shoes

After receiving some absolutely gorgeous wedding shoes from Lace and Favour last month it has really got me thinking about all the things brides to be need to consider when buying their wedding shoes, because like with everything with weddings, there's a million things to consider. 

Glamorous Bridal Shoes from Lace and Favour

Thursday, 8 March 2018

International Women's Day: How to be a successful woman in business

Today marks International Women's Day, and it's an occasion that I believe we should all take some time out to consider. How can we as women overcome issues in the workplace and in life that are simply caused by our gender. I think it's very easy to be naive in this instance, I know there are times when I am completely oblivious to gender inequality all around me but for the sake of every woman you know, and don't know, I urge everyone to spend 5 minute today thinking about what we can do to improve this situation which is why I wanted to talk about how I think we can be successful women in the workplace. 


Sunday, 11 February 2018

Galentines Gift Ideas

To me, Valentines day isn't just about your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife, it's about celebrating love in all it's forms and appreciating everyone in your life that you love whether that be your mum, your best friend or your partner.

Here's some perfect gift ideas to appreciate the gals in your life this Galentines day!

Happy valentines

Love Lauren xx

Valentines Gift Ideas For All Budgets

With Valentines day round the corner, I've put together some perfect gift ideas for all budgets so get forwarding this post on to your loved ones and hope they take the not so subtle hint!

Hope you all have a Valentines day filled with love from everyone in your life.

Love Lauren xx

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Makeup Revolution Amplified 35 Eyeshadow Palette Naked Golds

Anyone who knows me, knows Makeup Revolution is my favourite makeup brand and has been for the past four years. One of my first ever blog posts was actually my first Makeup Revolution haul back in June 2014 but I refuse to link it right here because the state of my blog in it's first few months is nothing that needs to surface again! 

I first saw the Makeup Revolution Amplified 35 Eyeshadow Palette Naked Golds gift set when I was on their website writing my Christmas list and the second I saw it, I fell in love, just look at it!

Makeup Revolution Amplified 35 Eyeshadow Palette Naked Golds
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